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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Dennis, I’ve been with you since you started your walk and talks. I love everyone of them. And by the way I’m glad to hear you won’t be jumping in the leaves anymore. I also stayed with you during the 2016 election and you were amazing and so right about Trump. I’m a lucky mother of three adult children and my whole family and I are Trump supporters. I so am thankful you give the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I’m sticking with you no matter what. Thank you so very much. I loved your sit and talk last night while you stayed home to take care of Denny and Mary went to take care of her mother. Yes, I believe God brought you two together and have you four precious children. When you speak of your father being a Marine and an alcoholic you touch me to my core. My husband is a Marine and a Vietnam Veteran and was an alcoholic. He had PTSD also, he went to heaven at age 58. Thank you for sharing this painful experience with me. It made me cry because I know your pain, it’s my pain. To close I want you to know I loved your trip around our United States and traveling with your two oldest children was an added joy. You are a warm, caring, and loving husband, father, son, and friend. I’m grateful you are a part of my life. I to am praying for Carol and know Father God will care for her gently.

DML: You may have heard me a bit wrong. My son is battling flu-like conditions. He and I stayed home. Mary went with my other kids to see family.  Mary’s mom died when she was 5. That aside, I appreciate your nice note. I actually had a crazy person email me and say my son wasn’t really sick and that I was lying about him when on the Thanksgiving live video. Welcome to my world. Thank goodness for people like you.

Dennis: Great Thanksgiving show. Daily meditation books are great. Mary is lucky to have you as well. Love from NC

DML: Thanks Tim.

Please tell me how a judge can over rule / Block the President of the united States? Make it a Great Day!

DML: Thank goodness it’s the case. Remember, not every decision a president makes via E.O. is good. Example: If a president says red lights are no good and can now be blown by all cars in the US, should a judge block that order? I say, YES. A judge is one of the last lines of defense on an executive action, but the president can strike back by taking it to the supreme court. That is where the end of the road waits.  I’m assuming your question is about Trump’s last second asylum proclamation that was struct down by the 9th CC. Trump’s team has the option to put it in front of the SCOTUS.

I am very impressed with your news feed and want to compliment DML News for being on top of the stories I want to know about throughout the day.  It is not my own news app but it is the one I find most valuable.  If I may offer one suggestion regarding something I see happening over the past few weeks, I ask you DML not to insert your opinions into the president’s tweets and news.  I am not suggesting you refrain from tweeting at Trump but just keep them out of the news feed.  I agree with you about his approach to immigration and the poor behavior he displays on a bidaily basis. I cannot understand why, nor can I provide any good reason for him to be avoiding the cheap labor issue and e-verify system. However, to remain independent in your feed I think you should NOT include your responses in the news feed on DML News or the app.  I have been with you since I saw you on Megan Kelly defending the veterans in DC. I know how your passion gets the best of you at times when delivering the news.  Its not a fault of yours.  Its what makes you special and trusted.  But others who don’t know you will take the insertion of opinion as biased. I understand what you are trying to accomplish with the news feed and therefore I offer my suggestion.  I hope I did not offend you.

DML: Jeremy, you are 200% correct.  Six months ago we made a change to my personal website.  We made it so my personal opinions and videos are separated from DML News.  Thus, for 6 months the DMLNews website has not published my emails or live shows.  Over the past few months my twitter responses have slipped into the mixture on DML News. Bad move on our part because perception is reality in our country.  The result could be people believing our news is aggregated based on my opinions of Trump’s lack of performance on immigration, etc. It’s not the case.  We don’t aggregate based on my opinions.  We have tools that help decide what goes up and what does not.  People don’t realize this. Bottom line,  although I am entitled to my opinions as a US citizen, I should take the higher road rather than the lower road traveled by many in my business who shower opinions as fact and news.  Therefore, starting today and moving forward, no longer will DML News post anything with my name attached.  Truth be told, I won’t be tweeting at Trump again. In the same way I knew how and why he would win 2016 many many months before he won the nomination, I am 200% confident he will not keep his 2016 promises on immigration.  At this point, his strategy is to blame the Democrats instead of fixing the problem tied to cheap labor.  I also hear he is speaking to Dems and GOPers about an amnesty proposal.  This is not my opinion, but rather what is told to me from my sources.  And they never prove me wrong.  My focus is now on the senate.  Thanks for the wake up call.

Video I saw this morning about migrants. Once again, you are correct. Jobs,jobs,jobs!!!

DML: Yes. I am correct. Sadly.  But it’s all President Pelosi’s fault.  How I wish Cruz would have won the election over her. (LOL)

Have a question. Want to do the $20/month but, not $200 up front but, when I tried to subscribe it was going to charge the full $200. I can’t afford $200 all in one payment? I guess I thought I could do it per month?

DML: The monthly subscription options begin on December 1.  Right now, and for the next few days, all that can be ordered are the annuals, which comes with a discount and a Founder’s Pin.  Although, we may pull those offers Monday as we have only 70 pins left.  We are ahead of schedule, meaning more people signed up than we expected at this point.  On Dec. 1, you will be able to do the $20 per month. Thanks!


Good Morning Dennis,

Just keeping things on a quiet side for today DML..

Want you to know that You DML, Your entire Family, Your DML Staff and TEAM DML are in my thoughts…

I keep you ALL tucked away in a Special part of my heart…

AND… I keep YOU DML, Your Precious Miss Mary, Your Wonderful Children, You Outstanding DML Staff, and ALL of TEAM DML…

Including Shanna and Carol in my prayers continually !!!!

God is doing a Special and Mighty work in ALL of your lives…

Have a Serene Still Sabbath Day!

Take pleasure and benefit from the selected reading today.

Love and Warm Hugs,

California Carol



Saturday, Sabbath, November 24, 2018


                RECEIVE JOYFULLY AND THANKFULLY the Blessings I shower on you, but do not cling to them. Hold them loosely—ready to release them back to Me.  At the same time, I want you to enjoy fully the good things I give you. The best way to do this is to live in the present, refusing to worry about tomorrow. Today is the time to delight in the blessings I have provided. Since you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, make the most of what you have today: family, friends, talents, possessions. And look for opportunities to be a blessing to others.

                When I remove from you something or someone you treasure, it’s healthy to grieve your loss. It is also important to draw closer to Me during this time. Cling to Me, beloved, for your relationship with Me will never be taken away from you. Let Me be your Rock, in whom you take refuge. Often I provide unexpected new blessings to comfort you and lead you forward. Be on the lookout for all that I have for you!

DML: Thank you Carol.


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