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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Trump/Mexico–“According to outlines of the plan, known as Remain in Mexico, asylum applicants at the border will have to stay in Mexico while their cases are processed…” I realize the money magnet needs to end with mandatory E-verify by EO, but is this recent plan helpful or just another added problem… I know it will be for Mexico and it’s still allowing asylum seekers the process of coming into the U.S. Also, I am not knowledgeable of how the Mexican Cartels work, but do you think the criminal mix in the caravans ever consider joining the Cartels? Is it hard to join because of where they are from? It seems the money would be good and then there’s the ability to stay in an area that suits their culture. This thought just came to mind even though we need to end Cartels and deport these migrants. I’m excited about the subscription to be live and it sounds like a huge task , but we know you’ll get it done. You all have worked so hard on this! Thank you.

DML:  As for the subscription, people have just a few days left for the discount, and I suspect the Founder Pins will be all out by tomorrow.  If people want these two things they better go to today.

As for the border… In case you missed it, Mexico denied what Trump tweeted, there is no deal.  Mexico will not declare themselves a safe nation state.  This is another losing attempt by the president to stop the flow of illegal aliens.  He will not enforce the labor laws, he will not do an EO for e-verify, and the results show.  He keeps making a fool of himself.  Everything he promises fails.  The military at the border is doing nothing but costing us a fortune, the asylum efforts are falling short.  Not one mention from him about the main reason why they come.  Even if Mexico was to agree to this deal, one of 3 things happens.  Either (1), their asylum is heard by the US and they wait in Mexico.  When the waiting ends, they get approved. So they are in the US anyhow. (2) They wait in Mexico and get denied. They will then jump the border illegally. So they are in the US anyhow. (3) They say screw it, they don’t file for asylum and just jump the border. They are here anyhow.

Hi DML. Again, wanted to say your so sweet for what you did calling my mom, Carol. After that day when you called she has been failing very fast. I went and got her 33-year sobriety pin and a muffin w/ a candle. She blew out the candle and was with it for 15 minutes. She then put medallion in her pajama pocket and smiled. Her sobriety date was 23 of Nov., same date she lost her best friend. Head-on collision hit by a drunk driver. So, this holiday is not a good thing for me. But I’m doing the best I can thru this till she goes home to heaven. Family… a lot of them will be here tomorrow. But I’m expecting Sunday nite or Monday morning she’ll pass on. But I will still watch your Walk and Talk in her honor on Monday. I thought I would give you and update my friend. And thanks again for all you do! All my love to you and your family.

DML: I am so sorry that three weeks is turning into what feels like 3-days. Speaking with your mom was an honor, and I pray she has no pain. She will soon enter a beautiful Kingdom where there is no pain, and she will always be with you.

I’ve come to say you are a total scumbag liberal parading as a fony conservative. Your not scoring points giving the president a hard time about the border. It’s your fellow dems who are keeping the borders open. Go f*ck yourself u liberal POS.

DML: It’s phony, not fony. Your tirade shows a lack of class, which is very liberal-like. Thank God for brainiacs like you, because I didn’t know I was a liberal. It strikes me strange that I am fighting for the end of illegal immigration and somehow that makes me a liberal? I must be confused. I support smaller government, a strong military, refraining from borrowing money from China, 2A rights, and secure borders through means of cutting of jobs and benefits. I have always thought this means I am a conservative, but according to you,Einstein, it makes me a Democrat. You told me to go F-myself.  I respond by saying, YOU SHOULD GO PRAY FOR YOURSELF.

You are spot on…no TV network will talk e-verify. The message is tighter borders. The irony is, our borders are more porous than a colander. Hope this new approach DML is taking will get the real message out there…or we will all lose.

DML: Charlie Kirk, a young millennial conservative who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, wrote an entire op-Ed Saturday for Fox News about the migrant situation and how Trump is the cat’s meow when securing the border. Again, like all the people who want cheap labor to thrive in the US, Kirk blamed the Democrats for the current situation and declared that a border wall would stop the flow of people. I wonder if anyone actually watches what happens at the border. Asylum seekers knock on the door. The US will not close its port of entry if a wall is build. These people like Kirk are selling voodoo border security.

Love listening to you. I never get to see you live anymore on Facebook. I download DML. Your always speaking the truth. One thing Dennis is I’m afraid of the border in Mexico, with all that’s going on. What’s really going to happen if they storm through. I afraid, for Southern California people. I have a daughter, grandson. Do you think They’ll be trouble if they have no money to support themselves. Or are they going to ruin us all. Stealing, rape, drugs and most of all kidnapping and killing people.

DML: Cali is a total mess.  The migrants will get into the US.  Mark my word. I read your email and it makes me think that people are under the impression that migrants are not crossing the border while the caravan waits for the US to open the gates. This is not the case. People are coming in by the thousands every day as they were.  Asylum cases are being handled 100 per day.  The others are sneaking across.

Hi Dennis, I was out in Washington D.C. last night and I gave out the last Team DML blanket to Gabriel.

DML: Yours is the photo of the day. Nice job!

Hello DML!!!
Hoping ALL of Team DML had an amazing Thanksgiving!!! My Mom, my daughter and myself went to my brother and his family’s home. It was a wonderful day. With my brother and myself, politics is always on the menu! Thank goodness we’re both on the same side, although passionate about different areas. Mine is the absolute need for mandatory E-VERIFY in order for immigration to ever work. Thank you Dennis for educating me on this topic. Anyway, my niece and nephew went out to stand out in the cold 🥶, for a new iPhone, leaving my daughter surrounded by political conversation. She shared later that she was texting with her cousins, complaining about being left with the”POLITICS POLICE!!!” Apparently the three of them had been laughing at my brother and I all day. This probably isn’t nearly as funny now, as it was to me, but the POLITICS POLICE comment was hysterical and so fitting.

DML: Thanks for sharing.

Good Morning Dennis,

Today DML place all the “news” aside and spend some real “quiet” quality time with your Family!

You have handpicked an outstanding dedicated group of DML Staff writers and believe me they put out the news quickly…

It goes without saying how much all of your TEAM DML followers appreciate all your relentless persistent work…

I know that at this time you have a lot of “irons in the fire” and are trying to get everything accomplished by a certain date..

Just know for a fact that NONE of your true loyal TEAM DML follower will be upset or discouraged if your timetable is off a little…

Have a Sensational Sunday!

Enjoy the reading I picked for today.


California Carol


Sunday, November 25, 2018


I CREATED YOU TO GLORIFY ME. Make this precept your focal point as you find your way through this day. Thanksgiving, praise, and worship are means of glorifying Me. Thank Me frequently; be on the lookout for My blessings, searching for them as for hidden treasure. Praise Me not only in prayer and song but in your words to other people. Tell them about My marvelous deeds; declare how great I am! Join with others to worship Me at church, where the weight of My Glory can be palpable.

When you need to make decisions, consider what would glorify Me and bring Me pleasure. This can help you to choose wisely and stay more aware of My Presence. Instead of getting stuck in introspection, ask Me to guide your mind as you think things out. I know everything about you and your situation. The better you know Me, the more effectively I can guide your choices; so endeavor to enhance our knowledge of Me. My Word is a lamp to your feet and a light for your path.

DML: I am working all day, sorry Carol.


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  1. Just got home…Thank you, Dennis for your response.

    I’m also sending peace and love to Carol and her lovely daughter Shanna. My thoughts and payers go to their family.

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