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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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I have to admit dml that i feel very left out. I cann’t afford a membership and i depend on the walk and talks and studio shows to get through the day. There are lots of programs and shows on facebook and tv but none are as personal as yours. Everyone is selling a book or being biased or hateful. You tell us the truth even when i dont want to hear it because i supported the president. I still do support him but realize he sold us a lot of stuff he didn’t have to offer. You and miss Mary are the real deal and I dont want to feel alone. I dont understand the buddy friend list you talk about and am hoping you will again today and give me a chance to be on it.

DML: Fran, using your words, I am different than these other people you see on TV and Facebook. Therefore, you should believe me when I say I leave no person behind. I may have to come back for you, but I will “never forget” those who want to be a part of TEAM DML. Unfortunately, I can’t run a company with “likes”, it requires money. We have big plans to do big things and I cannot be victim to ad revenue that comes in from the Google and Facebook companies. The BUDDY LIST will be on this website in the coming days. You fill out the form and submit. It takes the names and puts them onto a list for me. Once we confirm a few minor things with your name and email, you are put in a cue. The $100 donations we get and the LEVEL 4 memberships make it so I can add someone in for free. Right now, just based on the email I have received, we have more Buddy List participants than $100 donors and LEVEL 4 payers. So it may take some time, but I will not leave you behind. If people want to donate $100, they should go to If they want to join, they should go to

Show was great Monday.  You put Geraldo in his place.  You nailed it! Thank you.

DML: Thanks John.

My second apology to DML. Yeah, I’m apologizing again. Sometimes you drive me crazy. I think Trump is the best president we’ve had since Reagan but he’s far from perfect. Sometimes it’s hard to hear that but truth be told Dennis seems to always be right! You have to run in 2024. You do know that right??? Nobody else will do what needs to be done. I hope you reconsider charging for your podcasts at least. By only uploading your podcasts for free you’re still providing your paid customers content for their money. All the while your show can grow and gather new paid customers via the free daily show on podcast. Anyway I know you dislike me and that’s OK. Sometimes you piss me off too. Regardless I respect you and appreciate the knowledge you provide. Good luck.

DML: I am not the president, so I don’t have to be all-forgiving.  You blasted me unfairly, and publicly the first time but then apologized, and I accepted.  Then you did it again, only more evil.  And you did it feeding into a feed of hateful people who showered hate onto me and in some cases, hate onto my family.  I read the feed and was sick to my stomach.  The way some of you have treated me, and the things that have been written about that are lies…. simply because I want secure borders and I tell the truth…. it’s pitiful of all you haters. So, your apology is not accepted at this time because you cannot be trusted.  If you prove otherwise over time, maybe I give a third chance.  Know this, if there is a day when I am elected into any office that makes it so I represent you, then I will immediately forgive and forget because it will be my job to protect all people and to see all people flourish regardless of how they treat me.  But I ain’t in that spot today, and there’s an old rule that if you screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me.  As for your advice on how I should handle “my” business, I honestly suggest you start your own business and put your plan into play.  Until then, I think I’ll listen to me instead of you.


Good Morning Dennis,

WOW DML…What an outstanding “The TRUTH” program you presented yesterday.

Must admit that you do your homework and know your subject matter inside and out !!!

You are also 100% correct in your analysis of “Your” TEAM DML BEING a FORCE …it is your army.

You DML “ALWAYS” have your insight on the pulse of “We The People”..What we need and what we want from our NEWS!!!

I find it very interesting that FOX NEWS launched its Subscription program… How many more MSM will follow??

Have a Wisdom Filled Wednesday !

Hope you take pleasure from today’s selected reading.


California Carol


Wednesday, November 28, 2018


                YOU LOVE ME BECAUSE I FIRST LOVED YOU. The truth is that you were dead in your sins—completely unable to love Me—until My Spirit worked in the depths of your being to make you spiritually alive. This enabled you to repent of your sinfulness and receive not only eternal Life but also Everlasting Love. As you ponder this miraculous gift of salvation, let gratitude rise up within you and fill you with Joy.

                Thankfulness is so very important for your growth in grace. It opens your heart and mind to My Word, enabling you to increase in wisdom and understanding. A thankful attitude helps you discover the myriad blessings I shower upon you—even in the midst of hard times. A grateful heart protects you from discouragement and self-pity. It heightens your awareness of My continual Presence and helps you grasp more fully the vast dimensions of My Love for you. So nurture well your thankfulness, beloved. Your gratitude will nourish your love for Me—making it grow bright and strong!

DML: Yes, don’t you find it funny how the Fox News producer who used to be in charge of Hannity called me into the city last year telling me that his “CIA” friend asked why DML isn’t on Fox, “he’s the best guest Fox has ever had, and his following on Facebook is loyal like nothing I have ever seen.”  I met with him.  He challenged me to a bet to see how many people would want me to have my own show on Fox.  We posted a question  asking people.  More than 12,000 people in 15-minutes said they would watch Fox if I had a program.  Months later he leaves Hannity and now runs Fox digital.  Now I understand why he picked my brain for an hour, but never called again for me to appear on Hannity.  Not that I would have said yes, but the truth is revealed, I guess.  Screw them.  I signed on to their subscription service last night.  It’s like watching paint dry.

Gee.  Maybe I’m correct about Hannity too?  Full of sh*t he is.

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  1. DML, any chance that the photo of Hannity could be photo-shopped ? I am recalling that he has said many times over the years that he doesn’t participate in the “party” scene. Just wondering.
    If it is indeed true, how disappointing !

  2. DML I loved listening to Thursday’s show with you. I agreed with everything you said about Obummer and Clinton being the ones that were working with Russian collusion. I have always thought it was these two who were responsible for everything including the rogue
    FBI Mc Cabe, Strok and Page. Come was the icing on the cake. What I don’t understand is why everyone on the left gets away with horrible things and not the right. Trump was spot on with the jailed people Linch, Clinton, Comes , etc. etc. He really does have a good way of saying stuff that needs to be put out there if only for affect. I just wish we had a government that was on the good guys side. I don’t understand why Putin doesn’t give Clinton and Obama up. Unless the radium deal prevents him from doing this. She is up to her eyeballs in criminal activity and yet nothing happens to her or her coach Obummer. Please tell me why these criminals are still roaming the streets and becoming richer and richer.


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