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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

We traveled this week and now thanks to you I am seeing things different.
We went down a back way on our travels that was farming. Mostly rice fields,
For 83 miles a farm community huge fields massive grain refineries , beautiful houses.
Yet in the middle of all this beauty one thing stood out.
A Mexican store. Very appernt by the signs and posters you had to speak Spanish.
Um, why in the middle of no where Arkansas would you need such a store.
Honestly before I would have been like that’s weird now I’m pissed!
They aren’t coming to America, they are here!!

DML: Same question can be asked, “why do we need voting signs at polling places written in Spanish?”

No show today DML? I thought you said no show Friday? Am I missing something?

DML: No, there is a show today. We sent out two alerts stating today (TH) stating the show will be at 3pm due to schedule conflicts on my end.  Schedule conflict was I was up all night and did not get to bed until 5:30am.  I needed a few hours :-).

I have now joined TEAM DML and am very excited to be LEVEL 3 to see the films and all. When will we see the homeless film?

DML: As noted, the new films are released to the TEAM DML page for Level 3 and 4, 30-days after they release publicly. So we plan to release the homeless film in January. You would see it in February for free.  They Come to America 4 is being released in another week or so now that the caravan has arrived.  You will see it online in January. Our Parkland film will release in February, you will see it online in March for free. And so on…

I noticed that cross around your wrist on the show Wednesday and was wondering what that’s all about because you said it was Miss Mary’s bracelet.  You’re not going south on us DML are you? LOL

DML: No Al, whatever going “south” means. LOL.  The bracelets were something we ordered from a vendor (fan) years ago when I first started my website and when I was still on FOX. I was trying to help a girl and her mom from Texas propel their jewelry business online for no other reason than they were very nice to me when I met them at one of my speeches while exploring the idea to run for office.  But I never did much with the bracelets because I got my show on Newsmax and the world got busy.  The vendor had made one for me, but then made the rest for women.  Miss Mary wears hers out on most days, and I found mine the other day when cleaning out one of my travel bags.  We really like them.  We have about 60 of them in stock and will put them for sale today on Miss Mary Cafe.  Although they fit most wrists, they are on the bigger side versus the tighter side, so in other words anyone with a very thin wrist won’t like it.  Photo below.

DML,I just purchased level 3. I had previously purchased level 2, but decided to upgrade to level 3. Please refund me the $100 difference. Thanks for all that you do.

DML: Refund complete! If people want to upgrade now is the time. Go to and buy the LEVEL you want. Then email [email protected] with the same sort of message sent from Tina. We then go into our system and upgrade your account and refund your first order for whatever Level you are upgrading from.

Good Morning Dennis,

“The TRUTH” message yesterday DML was another outstanding program and you never cease to amaze me with your vast knowledge of the political arena their “pitch!”

To be honest with you when you explained how the news is presented with its “slight of hand” approach I was embarrassed to admit it but you hit the nail on the head.

I know you are under a lot of pressure these days and are working at a fever pitch…BUT… try and take a few moments to just stop and take a deep breath…

I hope you do this as you comprehend the Daily Reading that I send.

As Always sending “Thank You” to You DML, Miss Mary, Your children and DML Staff for all their sacrifice and hard work!

Have a Tenderhearted Thursday !

Enjoy the reading picked for today.


California Carol

Thursday, November 29, 2018


THE PROSPECT OF THE RIGHTEOUS IS JOY. This means your prospects are excellent, for I have clothed you with My robe of righteousness. So begin each day eager to received the Joy I have in store for you. Some of My followers fail to find the pleasures I have prepared for them because they focus too much on problems in their lives and trouble in the world. Instead of living to the full, they live cautiously, seeking to minimize pain and risk. In doing so, they also minimize their Joy and their effectiveness in My kingdom. This is not My way for you.

As you awaken each morning seek My Face with hopeful anticipation. Invite Me to prepare you not only for any difficulties on the road ahead but also for the pleasures I’ve planted alongside your path. Then take My hand as you begin your journey through the day, and let Me share in everything you encounter along the way—including all the Joy !

DML: Amen.

The Miss Mary bracelet will be available later today on

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