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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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It is a puzzlement! Why is the murder of a citizen of Saudi Arabia by Saudi Arabians in Turkey more important than the murder of five US Citizens in Chicago last weekend? Let me repeat, why is the killing of a Saudi Citizen, Khashoggi, in a foreign country, Turkey, any of our business? Why has our press gone bananas about this?

These are both Muslim nations. Everyone involved is a Muslim. Are we so naive as to impute our Christian morality on Muslims? They kill each other all the time. One or another of the various Muslin Sects are always killing Muslims of another Sect. Read the papers! Not a week goes by but they kill one another. Even within the Sects honor killings and blood feuds are the order of the day!

Can it possibly be that the whole hullabaloo is because Khashoggi was listed as a WAPO journalist? Ha, everybody is a journalist these days. There are no real journalists left. All of you so called journalists have turned into nothing but gossip columnists. I have to turn on the BBC to find out what is going on in the world!

For once in your lives, do what is right for the United States. Concentrate on the murder of own citizens. Let the Saudis and the Turks sort Khashoggi out. Most of all, keep the Saudi Arabian nation on our side. They are our only hope for some order being established in the Middle East.

DML: I have to question your intent because I am bit conflicted in what you offer as an opinion. Are you (A) concerning yourself with this because it puts Trump in a bad light, or (B) because you generally hate Muslims. In one hand you say there are no more journalists who report the news, but in the other hand you tell me to “read the papers” to get news about how Muslims kill each other each day. I wonder this, if the journalist was a Christian, but not a citizen of the US, who worked for Fox News would you be claiming the same outrage? I am simply asking a question(s). I would be interested in your answer.

I am very upset at the crap Facebook pulls as you have experienced too numerous to count! I was banned last night for a post I did not Post or share!!! There was no way for me to write a complaint either. All it said was agree or not. I couldn’t even write my dispute!! Do you have an e mail to them or a way I can write my dispute to them? I network a lot from there for who I might get to care about my fight for life. As you Team DML I am very sad that I will not be able to pay for a subscription. I have been with you since day one . You gave me the will and strength to get through one more day. I have lost everything during to medical in NYC, ! I was once middle class and now I have very little. I too have been left with no way out. I am tired of suffering. I do not have living family to turn to, this would not be going on if I had. I could have been well again and back on my feet but no one cared! Illegals get flown in for medical treatment though! I’m a stranger in my own country!! I will try to get the buddy system but you will have so many that I realize its hit or or miss. I am sorry for any typos as I did not sleep last night. God Bless you DML .. thank you for all you do.

DML: Buddy list will be up today on this website. As for a Facebook email, I do not have anything to offer. Business accounts are different than personal accounts. Sorry.

I have just upgraded my DML Membership from Level 2 to Level 3, please refund my payment from my Level 2 membership. I think I would be safe in saying I’m probably your only member living in Malaysia. I’m actually a Texan but have been living in Sarawak, Malaysia for 29 years now. Love your shows and your insight to the news, keep doing what you do.

DML: Hey Steve, thanks. Refund complete.  For others who want to upgrade, they have until 12 noon EDT today, Friday, Nov 30.  Then the 15% discount offer is close and no memberships will be accepted until we launch at 5pm EDT.  To upgrade… go to  Select the membership you want (LEVEL).  Buy the LEVEL you want.  Then email us at [email protected], telling us you upgraded.  Once we get that email we will upgrade you in our system and refund your original payment.  Next step is easy.  On Dec. 1, at 5pm EDT go to and follow instructions.

DML,I just purchased level 2. I had previously purchased level 1, but decided to upgrade to level 2. Please refund me the $40 difference. Thanks for all that you do. I know that the people against President Trump are inundating him with all these problems connected to him on purpose to wear him down. These people will try to destroy him personally after they take him out of the White House, this is who they are. I followed you since walk and talk before Trump was elected and I wish you could talk to him on the southern border. I came to the conclusion that this country will never unite no matter who is President of the USA. I am so disappointed on this mid-term election and do not feel a victory. I live in California and I feel my vote never counts the longer I live here, now I’m struggling to stay positive for this country. Please never give up and hope we can solve our problems in America that are not getting solved like homelessness and our expensive healthcare.

DML: I think there is hope this country can turn around and unite in the years to come.  I really do.  Watch this video.

Hi DML and Miss Mary,I have been with you since a few months before the 2016 election. I learned to trust you then. I didn’t believe any news until I heard it thru you. Then as time went on we met you family. That’s when I fell in love with what should be “America’s Family”. I can’t bear the thought of losing you. The Wine and Talks are a favorite ! I spent Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with you. I jumped in the leaves with you. The memories go on and on. And I was one of those 441 people that stayed with you today to the end. I cried when you signed off thinking this will be my last God Blessing from DML.You are the highlight everyday for me. I am 65, disabled retired widow. I get social security . I did my bills today and have no money left for food. I did submit a letter at the beginning of the subscriptions asking you to help me keep you.
Please if there is any way to be put on the BUDDY LIST I would thank you forever.I really don’t want to lose you. I will be there for my last wine and talk Saturday Night. If I am unlucky enough to lose you, I thank you for explaining everything, the laughs on your walks and even some tears. I will miss the both of you more than you will know and I wish you good luck with your new Team DML. I will always consider myself a member of the original Team DML when you started your club.

DML: Nancy, heartfelt email has me warn inside. The Buddy List will prevail for you, I am sure. Stay positive. If people want to help people like Nancy, we have more buddies than we have donors at this point, please go to and get someone in for $100 if you can afford to do it. Thanks.

Your story on the boy who was filmed in the bathroom…Knowing all to well the challenges my granddaughter faces each minute of every day. To see her struggle to just fit in… My granddaughter was diagnosed a little more then a yr ago with Autisum . My granddaughter at age 10 just leaned to tie her shoes and learned about zipping up her coat and fixing her hair. Dressing herself. Each day it’s a struggle for her parents and herself. The kid literally has no friends . As a grandparent my heart just aches for this children. But this story literally pissed me off! I’ve noticed how people have been so cruel but to have this go this far…. The child who filmed this should be punished. I’ve heard that children on my granddaughters bus have punched her slapped her called her stupid. Made fun of her. What is wrong with our society ? My heart just aches.

DML: What you’re seeing unfold is a society filled with adults that is more concerned with being friends with their kids on Facebook and Instagram than they are being actual parents.  My kids have been brought up correctly, and although they are FAR from perfect they WOULD NEVER do the sort of things in the video or that you describe.  In fact, I would bet they’d stand up for the kid(s) being picked on.

Unfortunately, Carol was unable to send in a prayer today, and she apologies for such.  The first time in months she’s missed “work”. LOL.  We’ll give her a pass.  I’ll say it for her… God bless you all, our troops, our president, and the USA.  And God bless Carol.

The migration to the US continues.

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  1. Regina, my heart breaks for your precious granddaughter. DML is right, parents are not teaching their children to be respectful of others. My youngest son was always tall for his age. As an adult he is 6’7″. The bullies didn’t pick on him because they were afraid of him. He has such a gentle soul and always came to the aid of others. He hates bullies and would always protect others. He says God gave him his big frame to do good for others that can’t for themselves. I wish the world was filled with more people like my gentle son. May God bless you and your granddaughter. Sounds like she is also blessed with a great family.

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