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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Not that it matters anyway because this garbage should be over, but my cousin who’s a doctor in California and knows Ford’s family, told me that she’s not only a professor, her father or grandfather is retired CIA. Her brother Ralph worked for a law firm that created Fusion GPS. Supposedly, it’s a family that has been well known for being in the government.

You’ve always had the left pegged, all corrupted. I don’t know how you don’t have millions of followers. It’s their loss!

By the way, my cousin doesn’t follow politics, he’s clueless to Hillary’s proposal of abortions up to the last day. He says that’s not true, it’s the republican’s BS to scare people. Sometimes I wish I was like him, not worry about the future. But then, he’s 52 years old and has no children. I have to worry about politics, my daughters need all the help possible going forward. Their future is in our hands.

DML: Last I checked, I do have millions of followers. Aside from that, what her parents did or did not do does not make her a political operative. My father was a decorated US MARINE, that doesn’t make me a spy for the government. The woman is clearly unstable, and she was pushed into believing that her story and testimony could and would prevent the “evil” Kavanaugh from being confirmed, and thus millions of people would be saved a brutal death from his seat on the SCOTUS. Can’t make this stuff up.

Dennis, I just watched your 2nd live video from 9-27-18. You were spot on and I can say, I am in total agreement about your assessment of the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing.
If there ever was a compelling moment, Judge Kavanaugh made it today during his opening statement. I literally was in tears from the beginning, throughout and until the end. I hope to never witness again the pain and suffering of anyone who has been falsely accused and then brutally attacked before a final life decision is placed upon them~ guilty until proven innocent is not how our due process of law works.

I have to believe, maybe, that this event will possibly have an impact on the Republican party and make it stronger~ enough is enough! I saw a little of that in the hearing.
You’re right to say that America will never be “our America” again, but we should never have to ever again see such a display as we have seen in the last few weeks or for that matter, the last 20 months…it’s a disgrace and shameful!
I pray that Judge Kavanaugh will be on the SCOTUS, he very well deserves to be!

Dr. GORKA said it well, “As long as good men like Judge Kavanaugh and Justice Thomas draw breath, America will survive!”.

God Bless you, your family and all Americans…our country is at stake!
Vote Red!

DML: Gorka is an idiot in my book. And I take the opinion based on my knowledge that he is part of the elite group that keeps Trump from e-verify. He’s just another Hannity puppet that would never stand a chance without his regular spot on the LEFT ALWAYS SUCKS programming that ads to the divide this country suffers from. I’ve said it all along, and I will repeat again for the sake of reading my own words, Kavanaugh is a sure seat on SCOTUS. This was never at risk, it was never a doubt in my head, and the theater we witnessed is a press, government and society that has suffered too long from combative leadership. The left are crazy when they are fearful of what can be conservative, and we are witnessing that crazy behavior, but make no mistake, the right are corrupt and dishonest. They just don’t have the energy or the media to portray it as much.

I heard you talk about the DVDs being sent to the White House but you did not offer any link to purchase.  I think the president needs to be more proactive with immigration and stop talking about the wall and Mexico paying for it.  Clearly this is never going to happen.  The only way to stop the madness both at the southern border, the northern border, and with the visa violators is by implementing e-verify as a mandatory tool for all businesses to use.  My family is involved in border security (that’s all I am willing to write), and they all say you are 100% correct about what takes place each day and how it needs to be stopped.  You have more support than you realize Dennis, and this is why I beg you to send me the link.  We need to send these films to Trump immediately.  I think the brilliance in sending the films is that it screams “WE KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON AT THE BORDER, NOW FIX IT!”  Keep doing the outstanding work you do.

DML: Jackie, I appreciate the email.  People just don’t understand how bad it is because people like Hannity, who gets 3M people a night, don’t focus on this topic like they should.  Instead, it’s Hillary this, Mueller that, deep state this, mainstream media that.  Fox News never puts any pressure on Trump in this area of policy, and that’s because most of the Fox News people I know who sit at the top use cheap labor.  What takes place at the borders and with our visa program is the equivalent of opening our prisons and hoping no bad guys decide to leave their cells and get on the local bus to Somewhere, USA.  It’s like sending an invitation to a Jihadi and hoping they have a coming to Jesus on the trip over.  It is insanity, all driven by the jobs market — and Trump is guilty like it or not.  The link is

Thursday sit and talk. You spoke the way most of our generation feels. What they did to Judge Kavanaugh I wouldnt wish on my enemies. I agree on how you and I would have atleast 10x would of said F*ck Off Senators, leave my family out of this. When he spoke of his daughter praying for Dr Ford., he nearly cried a tear at that moment.

The defamation of his character, the defamation of his family, the cruel wicked Democratic Senators with No heart, just greed to take over for Pelosi. To become a top DNC official.
thats what Cory Booker and Sen Feinstein was all about. But tonight, she blamed the whole scenario back on Dr Ford, when it was her office that held onto the letter for 6 weeks. What a b*tch, to blame the victim Dr Ford & Judge Kavanaugh for Sen Feinsteins f*ck up.

Thanks as always for your input. Yes we dont always like Trumps Tweets, but he is rolling back regulations, he did get us a big taxcut, just wish he had the power to keep the State & Local tax, to write off on the Federal level.

DML: Kavanaugh will recover from this, so will his family. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Hey Team DML! Greetings from rural Missouri (West Plains)! I was wondering if you get more benefit from us “liking” your articles on multiple sites or “liking” the posts on FB etc… I always wondered if we should like, let the ad play on YT so that it gets you extra $$ even if pennies. Not sure how all that works but when you come on live, I always get on phone and computer in hopes that u benefit with more watchters???? Straighten me out if I am just totally whacked. BTW this last week of shows/W&T’s have been amazing and make me so much more secure about Judge K! thanks for always being TRUE TO YOU AND ALL OF TEAM DML!!! Keep it up! THIS HOME LOVES DML AND TEAM DML!!!-

DML: LOL. You’re a gem! Thanks for the concern. We earn $0 from the Facebook LIVES. We do generate money from our website. So if you use the app and click on our stories, or if you access us via Facebook posts, and land on our website, we make pennies. But the pennies add up over time. That said, the best way to support us is to use the DML APP all day long, and sharing our Facebook posts always helps. Thanks!

You’re a great news man. I get my news from you. Never change.

DML: Lol. I just got an email that read, “What happened to you, you changed!” All because I said that the president hasn’t scored well in my book with Obamacare and immigration. In other words, this person wants me to change into a kiss ass who leaves my morals on the floor in order to get my ratings to hit the roof. That ain’t happening, ever. Thanks Carol.

Thank you for keeping it real. Your talks today were spot on. I agree with you Judge Kavanaugh is a good man.

Why can’t the people in Washington understand that this isn’t about them. This is about this country. Roe v Wade like Kavanaugh stated is already set in stone. But acting like this and treating this man like this is when he is voted in you dems are going to push him to it. Ginsburg should have stepped down under Obama instead of waiting for Hillary. Still don’t know what caused the death of the one Justice. I truly think there are a bunch of morons in Washington that have been there way to long.

DML: Having people like Sen Schmumer and Sen Grassley spending their entire lives in the senate is not how the system was designed by our Founding Fathers. People were supposed to serve and then move back into the mainstream. Career politicians is what makes the corruption run wild. I don’t like the idea of having “lifetime” appointments to the SCOTUS. Although, I would be fearful that election fraud would dictate who was seated, so perhaps a person’s time on the bench should come to an end after 10 years, and whatever president is sitting at the time nominates a person as they do today. Something has to change.


I was able to watch about 30 minutes of Dr. Fords testimony. I was amazed that she was a PhD. She did not seem intelligent and was “not sure” or “didn’t” understand” simple questions.

I did see the time when asked how she arrived. She stated she flew. She tried very hard to get up the courage to fly.
The whole reason for putting the hearing off for one week was so she could drive to DC since she would not fly. Then she admitted flying to Delaware every year, including July 2018. She then stated after flying to Delaware, she flew to Vermont or New Hampshire before flying back to California.
She then stated she flew to Tahiti, pacific islands and Hawaii.

That does not sound like someone very credible, yet every news outlet doted over how “credible” she sounded. I immediately explained to my coworkers the deception yet not until Tucker Carlson, did anyone else note the obvious.
I believe even the news are afraid to say anything against Dr. Ford.

DML: Yesterday, twice, during my two LIVE programs I stated that it was clear that Ford has problems. She appears to have more going in her life than just the memory of an alleged incident that happened nearly 40 years ago. The media wants her to be credible, they need her to be credible, but anyone with any level of normalcy can see something is “off” with this woman. As for your point about the flying, I know people who fear flying despite having flown in the past. So I won’t dab too hard on that fact, but I think it can be viewed as yet another part of her personality / thinking / behavior that supports my theory that she’s not well.

Good Morning Dennis,What a complete surprise… DML “twice” in one day… “Heart Be Still”…. LOL.  I for one am grateful for your taking the time from your busy schedule to give us your insight and opinion… Yesterday was a incredible day …. A very LONG day… listening to the Kavanaugh Hearing…As a women listening to the entire hearing I was saddened by how far our country has eroded… May God in all His wisdom grant each and every one of us His children the ability to simply LOVE one another !!
Have a Fabulous Friday!
Enjoy your reading that I found for today.
California Carol

Friday, September 28, 2018

WHEN YOUR WORLD LOOKS DARK and threatening, come to Me. Pour out your heart to Me, knowing that I’m listening—and I care. Find comfort in My sovereignty: I’m in control even when global events look terribly out of control. Actually, many things are not as they were created to be. You do well to yearn for perfect goodness—someday those longings will be wondrously satisfied.

Consider the prophet Habakkuk as he awaited the Babylonian invasion of Judah. He knew the attack would be brutal, and he wrestled deeply with this prophetic knowledge. Finally, though, he wrote a hymn of absolute confidence in Me. After describing utterly desperate circumstances, he concluded: “Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.”

Feel free to wrestle with Me about your concerns. But remember that the goal is to come to a place of confident trust and transcendent Joy. You won’t understand My mysterious ways, but you can find hope and help in My Presence. I am your Strength!

DML: Carol, there needs to be balance in life, and I often allow my work to consume my every hour, which is not good.  I have been on a diet for two weeks now, and finally can tell I am losing weight, which in addition to being able to see my toes, is making me feel a lot better, and I am starting to sleep a little better.  Maybe in a few weeks my walking can turn to running?  Tonight, Mary and I are going to visit our dear friends Kim and Jim who live two hours away. Jim and I have been best friends since we are 15. I’ve known Kim since I am 10-years old.  I have not seen them in over a year. It was Mary’s idea, and I agreed to go! Trying to put a little more life into my life.  LOL.  So, I will have a fabulous Friday, God willing. Thank you! You have a great one too!  Our friends are in the photo below.


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  1. My 48 year old son has finally started paying attention to the current political insanity (after much urging and insistence from Mom)!! I have gotten him hooked on DML big time. Now he is going absolutely nuts about getting some DML visors for all his buddies (DML wears them every day). Does anybody know if DML still sells the visors and how i can buy some?

  2. Wonderful picture! No wonder u and Miss Mary have beautiful children! Thank u for sharing ur knowledge and opinions with us. It was one of the few “lifts” I got yesterday.

  3. I like your news articles, but you need more people to comment as is done on Newsmax. You need to get them here to start listing opinions. I learn a lot from others opinions. It feels like a waste of time to post and have no one come to read them. So, get posters here or your channel will die off.

  4. Wow what handsome people in that photo. Miss Mary is such a beauty and the guy with her ain’t bad. Thank you for all your hard work. I am sooooo happy that Miss Mary got you to visit your friends. You are correct life needs to have some balance. You work entirely too hard. You children will be gone before u know it and you and Miss Mary will be among the elderly. Having said that, live while u still can Dennis. Take time to smell the roses.

    Carol from California you are such a beautiful person. I appreciate you articles for devotion each day. After all we are all a work in progress so need to reflect on life more than most of us do. God is in control. It is up to us whether we let HIM control our life our not. Love and hugs


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