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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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DML, look up and read about Ford like I’ve been doing today. Is it possible she dooped everyone. Her studies and writings don’t fit the women we all watched on tv. She came off as a crack pot saying she didn’t know this or that. She also has done studies for the FDA. I don’t want to come off like a conspiracy theorist but something is not right about her. The way she talked, facial expressions. Just something in my gut. Thanks

DML: I don’t think it matters where she worked in the past, it is clear to me that “things” are not firing on all cylinders within Ford’s mind. Do I think she is a victim, yes. Do I think Brett is the attacker, no. There’s no conspiracy here in my book. I think we have a very troubled lady with multiple things going on in her life and she’s crying for help. But that cry has nothing to do with BK in my opinion. I believe he is NOT GUILTY.

Thanks so much for your PM talk regarding Jeff Flake’s spineless cop out to the Democrats. I hope that Flake, Murkowski and Collins spend the next week being tormented by far left lunatics so that they can experience some of the pain that the Kavanaugh’s have been experiencing. The supplemental background check that the FBI is doing will only rubber stamp what the Senate investigators have already done. Hopefully the three RINO holdouts will finally do the right thing and vote for Kavanaugh when they see the letters FBI on the report. I am so exasperated! Thanks for sharing your frustrations with us.

DML: As noted in my LIVE on Friday evening, this week is going to be filled with mud.

Why isn’t Corey Booker being investigated for groping a woman ?

DML: Probably because he admitted to it, and no woman has filed charges against him.

GOP are being taken for fools. They are dumber than crap. I’m including Trump, because his insults towards McCain has costed him dearly, especially now that Flake found a way to get even for his insults. We are the ones paying for Trump’s big mouth and twitter rage. His die hard supporters won’t admit it, they will tell me that he’s only fighting back. However, fighting back and acting childish is totally different, and this home is not only embarrassed, we are tired of it.

What we are witnessing has discouraged my family a whole lot, to the point they no longer care about politics. In fact, I doubt they will be voting after 2020. I will make sure they vote this November and 2020, and that’s as far as I will push it.

DML: Your email has very valid points, and I think you are somewhat correct in your analysis about Trump making more enemies than pals, and in doing so has created a resistance to helping him get his agenda through. In my opinion, one doesn’t drain the swamp by taking on the alligators head to head. The gators will eat you alive at some point.  Drain the water and give them no place to swim.  Trump didn’t do that.  And yes, we have paid the price, but so too will they.

It’s very frustrating to watch a man get torn apart limb by limb on television. It was like watching the gladiator versus the tiger. I think Kavanaugh has lost this battle and if ms Ford is pushed to fill a report to local police, I believe Kavanaugh is looking at a long battle to stay out of jail. I don’t think he will get confirmation and the Democrats have beat President Trump and the conservative people I feel nauseas just thinking about a big loss thanks DML you always lift me up.

DML: If it makes you feel better, I think you are wrong on every count starting with sentence 3 of your paragraph.

I just wanted to say I very much like what you had to say regarding the Kavanaugh hearing and what a mess it is, and how Grassley and Flake and Murkowski are all to blame. I came across your Facebook page by accident by seeing the video, which I shared. I am following you now — you make very good sense and to the point. This FBI investigation or whatever you going to call it will turn up nothing new. I’m praying to God but you are right the Democrats will still plow on in their own way delaying and obstructing. Thank you for what you do, I will look forward to more videos.

DML: Welcome to TEAM DML.

DML, you being in the spot light, you know how they do people’s makeup to portrait an image. Proof this whole fiasco is a well thought out show, Notice Ford’s makeup line 1/2 way down her neck. She was made to look pasty and squeamish. But if you look past the makeup line , it is clear she has a dark CA tan. And everyone knows CA tans make people look more Worldly. These whole disgusting acts sicken me. We need special laws to go after anyone who makes false claims to obstruct our Republic Process and those who aid them with mandatory jail time of no less than a year.

DML: I didn’t notice any makeup, but then again I watched all 9 hours from a computer screen. Having makeup applied before a national TV hit is standard, but typically it’s to darken, not to lighten, a face. The makeup artists try to give highlighted cuts and jaw lines, but in this case maybe they were hiding a tan? I don’t know to be honest. I’m not sure it matters anyway. Regardless of how she looks, her claims are from 36 years ago and the legal team around her has no evidence to support the claims. To me, that’s the biggest item that’s being powdered over by the Democrats and the media.

I think maybe Team DML needs to place calls to Senator Flake expressing our disappointment in his performance today! Utterly embarrassing!!

DML: In this case, I think you’d be better served calling Santa and asking him to not land the sled on your roof this Christmas because there’s construction going on. The elf who answers the phone has been told not to convey special request messages. In other words, Flake has one foot out the door, he cares less what you/we have to say.

Hi DMl, I just watched your Friday night talk and I want to let you know the mic sounded great and you looked great but I’m wondering why everything behind you looked really, really RED IN COLOR? I know you’re trying to work out the bugs, so just wanted to let you know that. Thank you for all you & you’re family do Dennis! God Bless You!!!!!

DML: Thanks Ray. The red tint is done on purpose. It’s called ‘night mood’, and it lowers the brightness from the screens without making them appear dull. Remember, I am sitting two feet from 9, 50-inch TVs. The brightness can be overwhelming.

Hi DML Thank you for all you do! I wanted to ask been hearing a lot about Cory Booker grouping a 15 yr old is this true? And Amy Klobuchar and all the other Democrats make me sick believing Dr. Ford but when Karen Monahan has Dr info on her abuse from Keith Ellison they Ignore it. I am from MN and I am scared what this State is becoming!!!
Thank you again and God bless you and your Family!!!

DML: At age 15, Booker claims he tried to grope the breast of a girl who had given him “an overwhelming kiss” on New Year’s Eve. She pushed his hand away once, and then he succeeded on his second try. Nothing more ensued. Booker wrote about the incident as a student at Stanford University in a column taking aim at the campus culture of men trying to get women to sleep with them.

If all of us had our high school year books examined before running for office, we’d have no bodies in office.

DML: I am coming clean now if for no other reason than I would like to save the taxpayer money from being used on crazy, future investigations that look into my younger years!!!

For the record, if and when I ever run for office, you should all know that I first had intercourse at age 14, or maybe I was 13…?  I did wear a condom.  I do not recall where I got the condom.  But I know I had one in my pocket and it was very difficult to put on my pee-pee.

I do recall the sex despite it lasting all of 19-seconds.  Or… wait…. Maybe it was 24-seconds when including the time it took to remove my bathing trunks. I cannot recall if the trunks were string based or button.  It could have been 29-seconds.

Also, I cannot recall the exact date of this event, and no, I do not have a calendar of my every move recorded.  I can’t remember the girl’s last name, but I think she was brunette.  But wait, it was night time, so she could have been a blonde.  I think I need to speak to my lawyer in order to remember the details.  Let me get back to you on the hair color. Until then, more to admit on this period of my life…

I liked sex as a young man, but I could never understand how the movies made sex last so long. For me, the time spent having sex was more in line with the time it takes to watch a TV commercial.

I also liked beer, and I am 100% certain I threw up a few times, and no, I do not have a weak stomach.

I enjoyed playing football on Thanksgiving morning more than I enjoyed going to church on Christmas Eve.  Actually, to be totally honest, I hated midnight mass.

I often played “ring and run” on my neighbors.  To make matters worse, I often lied the next day when questioned by those same neighbors if I had rung their bell at 10:30pm.  It’s never too late to say I’m sorry.  Therefore, today, I apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Smith for disturbing whichever episode of DALLAS was interrupted that night by the bell ringing.  By the way, who shot J.R.?  Did we ever investigate this?  Where is Robert Mueller when you need him.  We need to go back 35 years to see who shot J.R.!!! Damn it, I will not accept it being Bobby.

I was hanging out on the high school bleachers when I had my first beer at 13, or maybe I was 12, I cannot remember.  I think it was a Budweiser, but it could have been a Michelob Lite. Either way, I lied about it to my parents.  I repeated this process often, but not too often.  I cannot recall how many times I drank beer before turning the legal age of 21, but my failure to remember has nothing to do with me blacking out.   Is “blacking out” a racist term these days?  Just wondering.

I am guilty of hacking as a kid.  Well, sort of.  When I was a young teen, my friends told me it was possible to hack into Playboy even though there was no computers back then to hack.  Yes, I was a hacker.  I used to do this little trick that most young boys who lived on Long Island did.  The hack went like this…. Simultaneously, I would press down three buttons on the cable TV box, and I would hold them down until a static-version of the Playboy channel appeared on the TV.  I used to love looking at all those naked Playmates when I was a boy, even though the static covered all the nudity.  I recall squinting a lot.

When I was 13, or maybe it was when I was 14, I used the F-bomb more often than I said my prayers.  Making matters worse, I never did my homework at night, but rather I copied it from my friends in the morning cafeteria session before the first bell.

On weekends during the summer I would ride my bike to Jones Beach where I would then apply baby oil to my skin.  I would also spend endless hours looking at every single girl on the beach who wore a bikini that day.  I would often come home late from the beach — at least an hour past my curfew.  Just before getting home I would get off my bike and rub my hands on the bike chain to make it appear like my hands were greasy from fixing the chain.  Truth is the chain never came off the bike, but that’s the lie I told my mom.  “My chain sucks!,” I told her.  It happened all the time.

In high school, I would make cheat-sheets that fit inside my plastic BIC pen.  I did this to assist with Spanish tests. I did not understand why I had to learn Spanish.  It was my feeling at that time that I should be learning more about reading and writing English. Perhaps my grammar today would be better?  (Should I use a “?” at the end of a rhetorical question?).  While we are on the Spanish language thing, I still believe that no American should be forced to learn Spanish against his or her will.

Moving on, I should tell you that I had a ‘boogie wall’ when I was 7 years old.  Although, I think I may have kept it until I was 8 or 9.  I really enjoyed ‘snot rockets’ as a kid.

When I was 5 years of age, I recall being too afraid to go down the dark stairs to our single bathroom on the first floor, so, I would pee behind the dresser in my bedroom.  I didn’t do it all too often, but the good news is I don’t do that sort of thing today.  Instead, I hide a gun in that same spot to defend against the criminal who may be downstairs one of these nights.

All throughout my young life, I woke up in the morning with a body part that seemed to transform itself overnight.  It felt like this small part of my body wanted to break past the front of my underpants.  For some reason, it stayed pointed upward until I went pee-pee in the potty, which by the way, was very difficult to do as the body part never wanted to cooperate with gravity.  When I got a bit older, the problem still existed, but I did not deem it as  a problem (see paragraphs above).  Regardless, now-a-days, I have to go pee-pee at 3am on most nights, so the mornings are less….well… how would I describe it….”less pointy.”

To conclude with my list of admissions to the future Senators or media morons who will question me, my yearbook, my kindergarten teacher, my neighbors, my friends, my mother, my first partner (aka as the blonde-brunette girl who I loved for 19-seconds), and my accusers who I have never met before, I should come clean by saying I had a self-fulfilling obsession as a teenager. Truth is, before I went to bed on some nights…. ok, maybe it was every night…. I often pretended I way “sleeping” next to the actress Rachel Ward. God she was beautiful.

I suggest the Democrats start their investigations now, there’s a ton of sh*t I did that is crazy-bad by today’s standards, and I am rather certain I did not get it all explained here correctly.  And come to think of it, Rachel Ward was not alone, sometimes she would come over with Christy Brinkley.  Other times, with my math teacher.  God she was beautiful.

Bottom line, I think there could be more accusations and admissions to follow when my yearbook surfaces!  Maybe I am not fit to be president, after all.  Until the day when we need to decide, enjoy the song as I delete nearly every post on my Facebook page…

Good Morning and A Happy Sabbath Dennis, Well, well, well,….what a complete treat….Again, I was graced by two appearances of DML… Morning and Evening….Yahoo!! First off I would like to say one thing about “double front doors” …If you come to California you will see them in almost every neighborhood… I have one on my house! One door stays stationary by slide bolts that are on top and bottom and then the other door opens and closes as you enter or leave…. If moving large furniture or bringing any large items into your home you can open both doors and they swing open to allow a much wider entry…In fact, I have double screen doors so that in the summer I can open the two large wood doors and keep the double screen doors closed …..This way it allows the cool air breezes to enter the house and keep the fly’s out…NO BIG DEAL ABOUT two front doors…. Have ZERO idea what the problem was about the double front doors Dr. Ford was testifying to…..Perhaps her husband did not want to pay the expense of the cost for the double doors ????…

Ok that being said:….On to yesterdays Kavanaugh’s vote to advance to the Senate…How can we go from an evening of elation to the next day of despair… Talk about roller coaster rides!!! I still do not understand the NEED for an FBI investigation it is a waste of time and only gives the “nuts” additional time to come out in droves…Your DML App last evening already started with a “classmate” of Kavanaugh’s coming out saying she ran in the same circles at Yale and Kavanaugh was a heavy drinker !! I told my husband wait until Monday there will be so many accusers coming out that we will need to pass out “Bakery Ticket Numbers” as they line up to tell their “Fairy-tales”

This is more than a circus…more than a “Twilight Zone”… This is just plain “Democrat EVIL”….DML I felt your disgust, revulsion, loathing and pain as you tried to put into perspective for your Team DML followers what the heck is going on !!!!!! I for one am repulsed, appalled and nauseated by the whole thing… Your words “Righteous Indignation” on the Left….Flake following in the footsteps of McCain….

You know me DML, I’m just going to turn this mess over to God and let Him sort it out according to His will and His way……Have a most Sensitive Serene Sabbath day !May God Bless you as you read the devotional reading I selected for today…
California Carol

Saturday, Sabbath, September 29, 2018

IF YOUR PRIMARY GOAL is pleasing yourself, your life will be filled with frustrations. The attitude that things should go your way is based on a faulty premise: that you are the center of your world. The truth is, I am the Center, and everything revolves around Me. So make your plans tentatively, seeking My Face and My will in all you do. This is a win-win situation: If things go according to your plans, rejoice and thank Me. When your desires are thwarted, communicate with Me and be ready to subordinate your will to Mine.

Remember that you belong to Me, beloved; you are not your own. This awareness that you belong to Another can be a great relief. It shifts your focus away from yourself and what you want. Instead of striving to make things go your way, your primary goal becomes pleasing Me. You might think this would be burdensome, but it is actually quite freeing. My yoke is easy, and My burden is light. Knowing that you belong to Me provides deep, satisfying rest for your soul.

DML: Amen.


1983: British actress and former model Rachel Ward and Richard Chamberlain in the television drama ‘The Thorn Birds’. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


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  1. Love your photo of the day!
    “The Thorn Birds” is one of my favorite all time mini-series! ☺️
    Need to pull out the dvds and take advantage of our stormy weather. Binge watch time! 🌷

  2. DML I was laughing so hard I had tears running from my eyes!! Omg I have 3 sons. So glad they never thot of peeing behind a dresser! Hilarious! Richard Chamberlain was sooo handsome! Oh wait Rachel Ward is in the picture…ohhhh Richard was sooo handsome!

  3. Dam I missed your showing last night. Will go back and listen. And your explanation of yourself as a kid had me in fits of laughter, just what I needed. Thanks for all you do!! When and if you run for president I am all in!! Have a great day, beautiful here in Georgia today!!

  4. Thanks for the chuckles today. I needed to laugh 😂. Blood pressure coming down. A good thing after watching the Circus and Democrats hammering away at Brett Kavanaugh’s good name. Thank you for all you and your family do.
    Your poor mom—you were quite a handful 😂

  5. Omg Dennis that was my trick, a bunch of us got hold of a history book that had all the test including multiple choice answers in it. I would make a tiny sheet of paper with a, a, b, c, c and put inside a platic pen case. I never purposely aced the test though. Averaged a c or b to not raise suspicion. I passed history that year LOL

  6. With tears of laughter I read the synopsis of your childhood. Thanks for the laugh of the day! You’ve got my vote for president!

  7. DML, your response to Lucy basically “peeling back the onion” and opening up your own pseudo FBI investigation of you personal history (true or a little exaggerated for entertainment sake) was AMAZING, HILARIOUS, and down right FANTASTIC! I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. Not 😂 at you but with you bc so much of what you said reminded me of all the crazy stuff I also experienced growing up too! Everything from the static on the TV 📺 trying to tune in the Playboy Channel to not doing homework and copying off a friend right before class.(Although I didn’t have a “boogie wall” my brother did. I guess it’s a “guy thing”😏)! Gotta go you’re doing a W&T! YES! YES! YES! Woo Hoo!

  8. LOL I watched the walk/talk before I read this. You should have been a comedian. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Since I am female, I did not experience uh you body part change but that was the funniest description of that issue I have ever read. I am sure I am not the only one who needed you silliness today. After last week, I needed something to be positive about.

    I am so glad you and Miss Mary visited your friends. Everyone needs a break from time to time. Glad you got to take one. BTW did Miss Mary check the sodium in those lean meals? I tried losing weight using them and I gained 5 pounds lol Good luck with the diet. You looked like you had lost at minimum of 10 pounds to me. Keep trying now is the time to get if off before u hit 50 lol. Love and hugs


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