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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Good morning Dennis, since you were spot with Trump winning and given all that has happened how do you think the mid terms will play out? Do the republicans retain control of the house?

DML: As sad as this sounds, I think a lot depends on how Kavanugh’s situation ends. If the Dems railroad it again this week, I think you may see more RED than BLUE. Otherwise, it will be brutally close in both chambers. Right now, it’s too close to call.

Hi DML! Participated in the DVD campaign for the White House last week! Loved Saturday’s W&T as so many others did! Today, a friend and I visited the John Adams’ Homestead National Parks Service tour in Quincy, MA. We have realized how many wonderful historic things we have in our own back yard that we need to visit. Next adventures: Boston’s Freedom Trail and Lexington/Concord National Park. Both being conservatives, we talked on the way home about our growing fears of how far the government of this country has, and continues, to distance itself from the vision of the founding fathers. Those brilliant men knew what they were doing when they created the constitution but the government stooges of today think they know better. God help us.

DML: They would be highly disappointed in what we’ve created as a government.

I am a millennial (technically by age) but I don’t buy into their mentality. I have been following you since the election. You actually inspired me to return to college and pursue a law degree to to fight back against the insane liberal bias. I just filled out a scholarship for conservative women, and the essay topic was “why are you a proud conservative woman, and what podcast, speech or book influenced you the most?” I wrote about you. Just wanted you to know. I have always stuck by you, and I miss your daily walk and talks, or sit and talks, and just your daily shows in general. Thank you for being an inspiration.
Please only use my first name if you post this. Also if you are interested in reading my essay I can send it to you. Thank you for all you do.

DML: Good for you, and I would love to see your essay. I’m honored. Good luck! BTW, the shows are back in full swing every day at 10am.

I finally had a chance to listen to your hilarious “Secrets”! I sure needed to laugh again after the disgraceful Senate Hearing on Thursday. It brought back a scary event I had not thought about for 40+ years.Our country needs more good people like you to plow through all the disgusting garbage in politics. I will be joining the DML e-verify DVD campaign to the White House this week.

DML: Thanks! Although I am thrilled to see Trump rework NAFTA, I am disappointed he didn’t use it as leverage to get more from Mexico in stopping the wave of illegal aliens. Trump continues to prove to me that he loves the cheap labor flowing through. It’s really time he puts mandatory e-verify into place.  Please join in, click here.

Good Morning Dennis, I guess we will have to “buckle up” DML and get ready for the roller coaster ride… I’m sure that the Democrats and the “Looney Left” will beat Judge Kavanaugh up this week…Their stories will be all over the place …. AND…. “additional” people will be added to the mix…Looking forward to your analysis of the situation that is before us… DML your Opinion is “The TRUTH!” Have a Momentous Monday! And welcome to a brand new month…Your studio is looking and sounding good!!!
Enjoy the reading I found for today….
California Carol

Monday, October 01, 2018

I WANT YOU TO RELAX and enjoy this day. It’s easy for you to get so focused on your goals that you push yourself too hard—and neglect your need for rest. You tend to judge yourself on the basis of how much you’ve accomplished. There is certainly a time and place for being productive, using the opportunities and abilities I provide. Nonetheless, I want you to be able to like yourself as much when you’re relaxing as when you’re achieving

Rest in the knowledge that you’re a child of God, saved by grace through faith in Me. This is your ultimate—and foundational—identity. You hold a position of royalty in My eternal kingdom. Remember who you are! When you’re comfortable enough in your true identity to balance work with relaxation you are more effective in My kingdom. A refreshed mind is able to think more clearly and biblically. A restored soul is more winsome and loving in interactions with others. So take time with me, and let Me lead you beside waters of rest.

DML: Amen.


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  1. Good morning DML!
    I’m curious as to what’s happened to the two men who stated they may be the two who accosted Ford yrs ago. I’m praying the my are followed up on and investigated. Have a magnificent Monday. Susan in Idaho! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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