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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Disgusted with Trump and his rally wall crap but I will vote red in November.

DML: The rally cries for the wall gets people rocking in the stadiums where Trump holds his events. It’s so loud, that the call for the wall is heard in Central America.  Only nobody is there to hear it.  They’re all here in Texas ready to work.

Thursday seemed to have quite a few shootings. I felt like every time I checked my news feed there was another shooting or attempted shooting. Am I mistaken? It really seemed more than usual. Scary times.

DML: Look around you.  The lack of leadership is toxic — problems left to boil.  I wish everyone would put their common sense hats back on and hold all of DC accountable.

DML, I watched you this morning (Thursday) and heard a desperation in your voice. It bothered me to hear that even you are losing faith in how things are being done in Trumps presidency. You understand how to slow immigration and I support you in this new push of E-verify. I got the DVD’s with letter plus donated more for you to use as you see fit. I wish it was more. I share with others and most feel the same about what is going on. Will keep Team DML in my prayers. Love to all.

DML: Thank you Carol.  We had a few people who could not afford to participate.  We will use your funds towards helping them.  In addition, 5% will go to the DML Foundation to help veterans, ill children and the homeless.

Hey DML and team. Just ordered two sets of dvd’s for the president and ordered America the Beautiful book while I was there. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. This house loves DML. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next movie to become available.

DML: Thomas, we thank you greatly.  My son started working on America The Beautiful film today.  After just one day, one scene, it looks great!

DVDs. I have stage 3 colon cancer and will be starting chemo in October, but I just can’t let this offer go by without investing in it… I have children and grandchildren, so the thought of the USA becoming a 3rd world socialist country really upsets me… I have emailed and tweeted about E-verify many times, but I’ve never see President Trump address this issue.

I completely agree that if we take the incentives away, they’ll stop coming, plus we’ll start increasing the wages for Americans. I’m praying this will work, Dennis. Thanks so much for everything you, Ms Mary, & your wonderful family are doing to keep us informed and aware of what’s really happening here.

DML: May God bless you and see you to a healthy recovery.  In tandem, you have my word that I will not give up — I will continue to try to get this president to keep to his immigration promises.

Website constantly spinning will not show the live talk for today September 20 or any other past episodes just spins.

DML: It’s not on our end.  The video is an embed from Facebook. It could be your internet.  Try another browser maybe?  On a side note, by the end of the year we will be off this Facebook LIVE mess, and having our own system.  Stay tuned.

For what it’s worth, I thought the LIVE show today was excellent. So good, that before it was over, I bought 2 bundles.

I appreciate that you’ve made a convenient and affordable way to allow our voices to be heard on the topic of immigration.

I am self-employed and volunteer as a board member for a non profit horse rescue so time is limited for me. The fact that I don’t have to travel, produce films, hire employees to take online orders, pay state and federal payroll taxes and insurance on those employees, send online orders through the mail, and any other task associated with this endeavor, makes supporting this cause a no brainer. Thanks for doing the hard part.

DML: Thank you Heather.  Mary is actually doing the work from our kitchen table as the studio is packed with equipment and editing stations.  There is no room for her shipping printer.  LOL.

Great show today. Spot on, as usual. Just ordered the dvd’s to be sent to Trump. Thank you for using your platform for the betterment of America. You are the best. Hopefully the President gets the message. Thanks again for being the most honest group in the media.

DML: I am trying Nick. I cannot say how much I appreciate the support.  We do this as a team.

I have tried tweeting some your news articles and find them blocked from publication on TW. I did share the articles to email, cut and pasted the link, then removed your signature heading. This was the only way to post successfully. Are you are ok with my method, just wanted your message out.

DML: Twitter busts our chops just as much as Facebook.  It’s like shoveling sand into the tide.  But we keep trying.  We are OK with your approach.  Thanks.

I just purchased the films, my question is will they go straight to Trump as it had on my order ship to my address? I’m doing this because I am an immigrant and came here legally. I have seen what has happened when there is uncontrolled immigration, the Migrants have and are destroying the country I grew up in, England, I refuse to go home anymore. Another reason is for my children and grandchildren, I see this country going downhill and it saddens me. My husband is so far left that it’s hopeless to discuss anything political with him, he is alway right and hates Trump with a passion.
I totally agree DML something has to be done and I pray to God that this will help.
You are a good man and your family are wonderful and you tell the truth even if it hurts, God Bless you and your family and thank you for all that you do.

DML: The DVDs are going straight to the White House.  There is no time to send them to you first.   Thank you for the kind words.

I just wanted to let you know I listen to you all the time. I was especially moved by your broadcast this morning. I think what you do is wonderful. I also wanted you to know that I wish I could contribute to all the good works you do. So many people think that if they ignore what is going on, it will go away! It is very frustrating to see all the unbelievably wicked things the left is capable of doing. I am, what someone told me a few years ago, considered to be part of the “working poor”. One financial event away from being homeless.I am able to pay my utilities and rent and not much else I hope that by God’s grace that will change one day and I will be able to help in some significant way. Keep your chin up and keep up the good work. I pray for you in my daily prayers.

DML: Please do not buy the DVDs if you are hurting financially.  We have generous people who donate so that we can send more on behalf of people like yourself.  That said, having just finished a film on homelessness and the high costs of living, I am in your corner.  Immigration has always been my issue, but over the years I have found myself learning more about healthcare, homelessness, and school safety.  I am just as passionate about those issues as I am immigration.  Lately, I have been receiving a lot of emails asking me to please consider a political future.  I have dumped the idea in the past, but I am getting so frustrated by the nonsense I see taking place in DC that I am thinking otherwise.  I would be a boring president!  I would rarely tweet — I would rarely hold rallies or be on late night TV.  I would be too busy traveling the US and getting my hands dirty because THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO FIX IT all.

Thank you for helping to educate people on MS and therapies that do help. I have MS and my vitamin D levels are very low. Despite living in Ca. My body does not absorb vitamin D from the sun so I have to take them orally. It was my doctors advice. I still do my regular MS therapy, which is an infusion, once a month. Without insurance it is 9000.00 dollars per infusion. When I retire, and I am barely holding on, I’m not quite sure what my out of pocket expense will be. This therapy has worked the best for me thus far.

There is a video you can find through any search engine and it’s on Annette Funicello. Her husband was pleading for help for his wife. I think it was to do with the jugular vein therapy. To see the condition she was in towards the end of her life was heartbreaking. Her MS progressed quickly. I have a friend who as also progressed quickly. She was denied my therapy because she hadn’t tried enough of other therapies. She can no longer speak and had to retire.

My body is so tired all the time. I look normal except I walk with a cane. I have good days and bad. Next year will be ten years since my diagnosis.

Thank you for your passion. Thank you for the information. You are an angel!!

DML: I am so happy about the amount of email I received regarding the walk and talk (sit and talk) I did earlier this week about MS and  It feels great knowing I have given information that can result in immediate change in peoples’ lives.  I pray for all the people who have this horrible disease.

A few weeks ago I sent you an email stating that I believed that there was a cure for cancer but we weren’t being told. I stated that it seems wealthy people with a cancer diagnosis seem to live a lot longer than the average person with the same diagnosis.

You didn’t agree with me. After listening to your Wednesday Talk, I am even more convinced that we have a cure. Big Pharma doesn’t make money off of cured patients.

I’m hoping that you at least will give my belief some more thought. Love you and your family and all of the amazing things you do.

DML: I think rich people have access to the best doctors, and I do believe they cut the line, but I do not believe they receive treatments that nobody else knows exist.

MS video. This was so informative. I have friend diagnosed last year and it’s been tough on her. Shared link and website and they both have watched all and downloaded app as they had never heard of you.

DML: I am glad to help.  Thanks for giving them my info.

Dennis… In the store part of app. Purchased Trump/dvds thru Paypal! Is there any way to fix it, to send more than one order at a time?? Each time, I had to just keep hitting buy dvd’s and repeat process!

DML: LOL. Thank you. The single order issue was my doing on mistake.  I clicked the button that said to allow customers to buy just one set.  It has been changed.  Thanks!

Thank you for your walk and talk on Wednesday, Sept. 19. I am one of 4 female family members out of a family of 8. My mother, Alice, died in 2014 from MS. My oldest sister, Jan, died in 2011 from ovarian cancer, but had MS since the 1980’s. My other sister, Bonnie, has had MS since the 1990’s. She is living in Colorado now as she can’t handle the heat here in Florida with her MS. I’ve watched all 3 struggle with relapses and such over the years. I cared for my mother from 2000 to 2014 singlehandedly after my father died in 2000 unexpectedly from complications from open heart surgery and generally not recovering from it completely as a diabetic.

Thank you for the walk and talk and the information you supplied. Please do more on this and other stories with the pharmaceutical companies and how they rape us with the costs and insurance companies dropping covering these so called needed drugs. I’ve watched my family deal with this over so many years! And any alternatives out there for many of us that they don’t want us to know about.

DML: I am so sorry your family has been hit with so much pain and illness. Keep strong! I will do my best to offer more information in this area and other areas like it.

Hey DML you are fighting the good fight and I will do what I can to help us both I bought two sets. Thanks to you and miss Mary and the kids for all you do, God bless and team DML will fight on.

DML: I am so overwhelming, once again, with the support we receive from TEAM DML. Thanks TIm.

Thank you and your family for all you do! I have not seen any updates on your camera. Did you get enough donations to purchase a new one? Keeping you and your family in my prayers. God Bless.

DML: No, but it’s OK. I don’t need to film for another month. Right now we are editing the films and getting the studio back to normal so I can resume my 10am studio show next week. I am confident by next month we will have a new one. You are a doll for asking.

I want to send the message and dvds to Trump regarding e-verify but when I go to your website it says click on the yellow button to participate only there is no yellow button! Please help!

DML: The button is there.  Perhaps it is your browser.  Please try anther computer or another browser.

Hi Dennis, I would love to do the $50. Here is my problem. I get my retirement next Friday and will not have any major money till then. Can I do an order with you, with my credit card and post date till the 28th of September. I really want to participate. I totally agree with everything you have said. I live in Rochester, NY and have seen this in the city. Again thank you for all you and your family do for this country. I would live to see you run for office. God Bless You and your family.

DML: No. Please save your money! We have people who donate to us and will send one on your behalf.

DML, Maybe your viewership has been down due to the Hurricane that is affecting so many people. Until you live out such a catastrophe you can’t understand what we are going through! Please remember what is happening here. I feel like I am in the apocalypse. It is scary and humbling.

DML: I know what you are going through!  Remember SANDY.  Please know that TEAM DML is praying for all the people in NC.  As for our viewership, it’s a function of Facebook.  Last week we got hit again by them — another major cut to our reach.  Please keep your spirits high!

A Very Good Morning Dennis, You DML have NEVER wavered on the topic of illegal aliens coming into our country. Such a basic and simple solution as E-verify… Your request for your Team DML to take action is imperative, essential and very important!

Have a Fabulous Faith Filled Friday! Enjoy the reading that I found for you today…I trust it will be a Blessing.
California Carol

Friday, September 21, 2018

COME TO ME, and rest in My Presence. I am constantly thinking about you, and I want you to become increasingly mindful of Me. Awareness of My Presence can give you rest even when you are quite busy. An inner peacefulness flows out of knowing I am with you always. This knowledge of Me permeates your heart, mind, and spirit—and it can fill you with deep Joy.

Many of My followers are so focused on the problems they see and the predictions they hear that they lose their Joy. It becomes buried under multiple layers of worry and fear. When you realize this has happened in your life, bring all your concern to Me. Talk with Me about each one, seeking My help an guidance. Ask Me to remove the anxious layers that have buried your Joy. As you entrust your concerns into My care and keeping , your Joy will begin to emerge again. Nurture this gladness by speaking or singing praises to Me—the King of Glory who loves you eternally.

DML: Amen to that.


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  2. I have below average SS each month so I am unable to send money for this e-verify push, however I fully support your cause! Our country must come together and stand firm in our founding fathers guidelines. Illegal immigration must stop and speaking English should be a requirement to be here. You are a terrific voice, DML! God Bless you, your family and the USA!

  3. We need the wall in Texas. Trumps rally was loud we heard him in Texas. Now congress needs to here us we need that wall and people who are deciding if we need a wall. They don’t live in a border state until you live through what Texens how can you say what they need.

  4. There was nothing wrong with President Trump rally. I love his rallies I never miss one. He is fighting the deep state for America and it looks like he is fighting alone. As Rush says president Trump is the only thing standing between the NWO and America and that is why Americans are so passionate. For Trump. I agree fully with Rush

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