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There is a woman on Facebook (Kathy) who bashes you ever moment she can simply because you hold Trump accountable at the border.  Each time she leaves a nasty comment I message her asking for a response to the easy yet hard hitting questions you ask about why Trump won’t even mention cheap labor, everify, fining employers, etc.  She can never answer me!!!! Yesterday after you posted the amazing phone call you had with Carol, I shared the link with Kathy and asked if she wants to hate on you now?  I wrote to her…….. I know of no other person in news who would take the time from their work day and make a call to a complete stranger dying of cancer.  Kathy wrote me back that you did it for clicks.  I am so disgusted how these people treat you.  To be perfectly honest I find myself hating Trump as a result of his CRAZY followers and how they treat you.  God bless Carol and his short time left here on earth.

DML: You need not defend me, nor should you hate the president because his fanatical “fans” hate on me for reporting the truth.    I just appreciate you praying for Carol.  Happy Thanksgiving (HTG).

DML and your wonderful family,
Wishing you a very blessed Thanksgiving.
On my list of what I’m thankful for is the day someone shared a walk n talk. Haven’t stopped following you since then, now I’m a proud Level #3 subscriber. Upgraded from Level #2! Praying for Carol and Shana again today.

DML: I appreciate the upgrade and the well wishes, and the prayers for Carol and Shanna. HTG.

Hi DML. I was so touched by your call to Carol. It brought back so many memories. I brought my mother home on Hospice 5 years ago and know the pain of what Shanna faces. My mom died 2 weeks after I brought her home. I pray for them both as I sit here this Thanksgiving morning crying for Shanna’s pain in facing the loss of her mom. God bless you and your family today and always.


Dear Dennis. I want you to know you are the KINDEST person I know in this BIG world of “Hate”. I know God is on your side ! First Gloria, and now Carol. God has a purpose for you and your Team. I am a DML JUNKIE! Lol….BTW.. Did you ever show the Tree you got for Gloria? Due to a lot of illness in my Family. I may have missed it. We Love you and your Family. We love YOUR TRUTH. Its hard to swallow sometimes BUT FACTS ARE FACTS. Have a Loving , Safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Love Miss Mary too!

DML: Thank you Joy.  Yes, I have shown the tree.  It is a White Birch that we planted in our yard.  We have a line of birch trees (they are my favorite tree) on one side of our yard that I planted 5 years ago, but her’s stands alone on the other side of the yard.  I’d take a picture and show you today, but it’s cold out side.  LOL. HTG.

DML.  I voted for Trump because Hillary was never an option.  I was originally for Ben Carson.  When I heard that you had consulted for Carson on immigration but he didn’t listen to your advise I switched over to Trump holding my nose.  He’s failing miserably. I think people know this but deny it because they see doing so would be a win for Democrats.  They hate on your because they know you are right.  They wont call you a racist because they believe in your immigration policy.  They just hate on your instead because they have painted themselves into a corner. I understand this thinking because we cannot have another Obama era.  I think you are painting yourself in a corner where the only way out is to run for president. Think about that today as you eat Turkey. LOL.  My best to you all.

DML: I am not certain that I am painting myself into a corner, but I get your point.  I have lost a lot of “followers.”  This is like Facebook ridding me of fake accounts, only in this case it’s fake friends.  In business, there’s an old theory that says you get 80% of your business from 20% of your customers.  I think TEAM DML is rightfully focusing on the 20%.  I have never been a person who focuses on ratings or popularity.  I get invited to speak or appear and I turn it down every time even when the money is good.  Sure there is upside, but I would rather stay in my element.  I am very comfortable and content with how things are with TEAM DML.  I want to focus on building reliable news and films, and to build a team that gets things done. My new average number on Facebook LIVE is now just around 2500. Odds are it would get lower if I was sticking with FB. I would rather have 2000 people watch me LIVE knowing they are mostly all independent thinkers, than to get 4000 people watching with knowing a good portion are fanatics.  HTG.

Hi! DML, When We want to upgrade to the next level. Will you send the directions for that?

DML: Very easy.  Go to and buy the Level you want.  Then go to the submit page on and send me a message stating you purchased the higher Level.  We then go into PayPal and refund your old purchase.  Money is typically back to you in 24-hours.  Our system keeps in place but at the higher level for Dec 1.  Thanks!  Keep in mind, anyone who upgrade before Monday is in the drawing for the one of the 6 football jerseys.  Good luck!

It strikes me curious why when you respond to Trumps tweets he doesn’t respond.
Considering his ego…Why do you think that is?

DML: Two years ago I said I would wait until after the midterms to share the entire DML / FOX / Trump story, which I have.  With the midterms over, I will soon share the entire story.  Until then, allow me to say in the same way Trump CANNOT mention cracking down on employers, Trump cannot acknowledge my tweets for if he does it will come back to bite him in the butt.  He will have to make a massive denial in the future.  At some point soon, this will come full circle.

The other day u said u believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that too. Today u lost power on ur phone and ur w/t wasn’t saved on fb. That led u to checking ur emails for those asking what happened? That led u to seeing Shannas email about her mom. Then the call to her and later to carol. This u posted along with the conversation which has led to a new level of Team DML. The realization that we r family. Loving people who care about each other. People who cry because a wonderful lady will leave our team thru no wishes of her own. We will pray and give thanks tomorrow to u and Carol and Shanna. U handled ur phone call compassionately. I know that was a tough one. Thanks DML. Everything happens for a reason! Happy Thanksgiving again


Just watched and am still sobbing. I want her to not be in pain. I went through with my mother in 2010 (she was 78… I was baby like yours… the baby…but i was 42) Hospice for a very… WAY TO SHORT TIME… always… less than a month. I will pray that my parents will greet her in Heaven! I wish I had said so much more to my mom! Dad passed 10 years before mom but more sudden. Thanksgiving was always so special for our family who would go back “home” to Detroit to be with the grandparents and 28 cousins on moms side alone! Every year! “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go……” we would sing as we left St. Louis and traveled to family in Detroit. Of course we always prayed the Rosary at the beginning for safe travels! Anyway I am an emotional wreck right now and pray for her so much! Ok gotta go blow my runny nose…lol thanks DML… this HOME loves you and your family and all of TEAM DML!
Hugs kisses and happy Turkey day all-Kristy ! XOXOXO That’s how I sign off with my physical family and you all are not blood family but I feel you are family!!!

DML: Thanks for sharing. HTG

DML, I just watched your phone call visit with Shanna & her mom Carol.
She loves you. You made a dying woman’s wish come true.
I want you to realize the scope of what this means to this family. I am sure, obviously, that Carol is overjoyed. But, when she’s gone, what you did for her, will be with her remaining family for the rest of their lives.
I lost my eldest daughter 15 years ago. She was terminally ill. Not expected to live past six weeks old She made it to 21.
When she was 10, she was chosen as a Make A Wish recipient. She was in love with country singer, Clint Black.
He was a very busy man, which, you can certainly relate to. But, he took the time to call her & meet with her & all of us. That was 1992, and I have never quit thanking him for what he did for her & for her family.
It takes a special heart to do what you did today. Please know how important that phone call is, and so heartfelt. You are extraordinary for doing it.
May you and the entire Lynch Family have an amazing Thanksgiving.
Thank You for ALL that you do.

DML: Thank you for sharing your story, sorry for your loss.

I wanted to thank u for the made my moms day..she was so happy to hear from too of coarse…she’s looking forward for u to jump in the leaves .she mentioned watch out incase theres dog …but seriously you have been such a sweetheart for doing this w /your busy didnt have too but you did..i wish i could have tape recorded it but couldn’t find other phone.. i will be watching as i always do with every alarm possible set to see u… i see we have something in common on alcoholism again thank u God bless u for what u do. Im forever grateful..

DML: I am grateful for the opportunity you gave me to make her smile.  Thanks for trusting me to make such a call, and the video I send you is better than a voice recording so it worked out for the best amid a very sad time.  Stay in touch.  Good luck, and we are all praying for you.

DML is a piece of garbage. Trump would eat him alive in the debate. Debate me you spoiled brat. I’m sending this to Fox news so that they know what I said about you and how I feel you disgust me as a business owner of a news organization. Bias much?

DML: Wait, do you mean the same biased Fox News that employs Sean Hannity, the guy who got on a podium to stump for Trump prior to midterms.  Let me know how they respond.   Meanwhile, go back to the drawing board and come back with something having teeth if you want to debate me. How I hope Trump can debate better than you, Paul.  How about I debate both of you at the same time. 🙂

Wow wow is all I can say ! Tears pouring out my EYES for the last 15minutes had to take 3 breaks reading to post and the phone call PLEASE let Carol and Shanna know we are praying for them ! We LOVE you TEAM DML

DML: Thanks pal.

Just wanted to say thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing your family and your family sharing you. Thank you for what you are trying to do by bringing awareness on today’s topics, and ways on how to right the ship. But most of all, thank you for caring and giving back like you do. Your heart is nearly as big as that head of hair you have. (Jealous) Hoping you and your family enjoy your time together tomorrow around the Lean Cuisine Turkey. :-). Hope to catch the 8PM show.

DML: Thanks. HTG.

Hi Dennis, I wanted to say that when you answer these ridiculous, illiterate and foul mouthed haters, you are giving them exactly what they want.  In some ways, it reminds me of Trump tweeting back when someone riles him. Please don’t misunderstand; I am one of your most ardent and supportive fans. I simply feel that they don’t deserve your time, your effort or your intelligence.  You have so many Team DML members who appreciate your TRUTH, your humor and the hard work that goes into each and everything you do. If I may be crude for a moment, piss on them. They can go pound sand. Happy Thanksgiving to the Lynch Family, and looking forward to the new service launch.

DML: The reference to Trump alone will make me think twice.  There’s 8 more days until the new service starts, the haters will be gone.  Thanks!  HTG.


A Very Good Morning Dennis,

I want you to know DML how fortunate your TEAM DML followers are to have such a compassionate friend in you!

Your talk with Shanna and her mother Carol was so touching… I think God wants you to be surrounded by “Carols” as in song!

I believe that is why he always rings the church bells on your Walk and Talks to let you know that you speak the TRUTH!

As important and I’m sure informative as your normal “The TRUTH” program was this morning it was NOT meant to be…

Your commission, responsibility,  assignment from God today was to reach out to Shanna and Carol…

If you would be so kind as to let Shanna and her Precious Mother Carol know that GOD is in control of everything….

That JESUS is still the Great Physician and in the healing business and is holding them both in His Everlasting arms….

That the HOLY SPIRIT is there to Comfort and Guide them… And the HOLY ANGELS are all about to Protect them…

I will be keeping both Shanna and Carol in my thoughts, my heart and in my prayers continually asking for a Peace that passes all understanding!

May You and your Precious Family  have a Very  “Thankful Thursday!”

I want to let you know how very important you and Miss Mary are to my life.

You both have been a Blessing to me and I “Thank You” for your friendship.

May God continue to Keep You and all of your Loved Ones safe from all harm.

Keep the “attitude of gratitude” a part of your everyday life.

Enjoy the reading that I selected for today.

Sending Love,

California Carol



Thursday, November 22, 2018


                WHEN YOU ARE THANKFUL, you worship Me acceptably—with reverence and awe.  Thanksgiving is not just a holiday celebration once a year. It’s an attitude of the heart that produces Joy; it is also a biblical command. You cannot worship Me acceptably with an ungrateful heart. You may go through the motions, but your ingratitude will hold you back.

                Whenever you’re struggling spiritually or emotionally, pause and check your “thankfulness gauge.”  If the reading is low, ask Me to help you increase your level of gratefulness. Search for reasons to thank Me; jot them down if you like. Your perspective will gradually shift from focusing on all that is wrong to rejoicing in things that are right.

                No matter what is happening, you can be joyful in God your Savior. Because of My finished work on the cross, you have a glorious future that is guaranteed forever!  Rejoice in this free gift of salvation—for you, for all who trust Me as Savior. Let your heart overflow with thankfulness, and I will fill you with My Joy.

DML: You are important to us too!  HTG.
The good ole’ days.  Happy Thanks Giving.

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  1. Hello DML: You & you’re family are so blessed & wonderful. I am blessed by your walk & Talks . I wish you were our President! Although Trump was way better to have for Pres. than corrupt Hillary. Yes, Trump has some flaws. I will pray he does better until we can say Welcome President Dennis Michael Lynch!!!!! Love you & Praying 🙏 ♥️

  2. ROXY,, You hate how people are treating Dennis? Do you hate how people are treating the President? I’ll take that your answer is no. Dennis has called out people for being 100% Trump lovers, and believers, and think he could do no wrong, but that is exactly how you and others are with Dennis. Before condemning people for what ever reason, take a hard look in a mirror. You, and many others are doing the same thing, only with another person.
    Before you jump on me, I’ve been with Dennis for years, and will be longer, but I don’t agree with him bashing the President the way he does, Dennis is way to intelligent and I feel if Dennis knows the President as well as he thinks, he should know he [Dennis] will only drive the President away. The President will respond to positive ideas and like Dennis ignore the negatives.
    Keep the faith and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Jennie the president don’t read Dennis post that is why he don’t answer them . I don’t know why you all follow Dennis he just called his base bottom feeders yesterday. And as bad as people think Trump is he loves his base and yell them every chance he has he loves them and we his base are the important ones in this country. He is doing this and takes the crap he does for us. Dennis never told his base that. I have been following Dennis since the Bundy ranch but I am done with him I have seen the real DML come out since Trump became president. I as a long follower is gone and done with DML nut I am holding him accountable just like he is the president
    Happy Thankgiving

  4. Well j I have also been with Dennis for years but not anymore he just Trashed our president today for wanting to go visit the different branches of the Military today.I think that is low yesterday he called all his frantic base who don’t agree with him bottom feeders. I am no bottom feeders and neighter are you. You want to follow that then you have a problem. Today he trashed Ted Cruz. Who is my senator and a damn good one. I am done with dml

  5. Just curious. If you dml haters, are now anti-DML, then why are you here? That’s like me exposing myself to the lefts hatred, intolerant, violence, which i chose not to do, for my own sanity. Life is too short. Disagree with DML and team? Be on your way, ignore! Simple as that…. Stop trying to stir trouble. Just quietly go…

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