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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

NOTE: This is the last day I will be answering emails in this daily format. I have been doing it every day without miss for two years. For TEAM DML subscribers, I will be answering emails via an audio podcast available on For non subscribers (users of DMLNewsApp), I will answer emails once per week on Saturday mornings here on I encourage you to send me an email at [email protected]

Dennis I signed up for level 2 can you tell me what is next? Very excited for next phase of the DML team’s journey!!!

DML: Hi Bruce, thanks for joining.  Today, at 5pm EDT the will be open and ready for you to enter.  USE THE EMAIL on your PayPal receipt that you received when ordering your subscription.  There is more to know, but it will be there waiting for you at on the homepage at 5pm EDT.

I did not make it time for the Founder’s Pin or the discount but still want to be part of the TEAM DML experience so please tell me what I have to do.  THIS HOUSE LOVES DML since the start of the WALK AND TALKING.

DML: Today at 5pm EDT go to and click register on the home page.  NOTE: It will not be available until 5pm.  You will pick either your annual or monthly purchase.  Then move on to the steps that follow and you are in!

i signed up tonite for a buddy position and want to know if i am approaved now so i dont miss anything from you and mrs mary who i love.  please get back to me dml.

DML: We launched the official BUDDY LIST here on last night.  Go to the top of page and click BUDDY to apply.  Assuming you did that already we are collecting the names.  You will be contacted as soon as possible.  We hope to get all entries into the system but it depends on how many sponsors we receive.

I never like Bush Sr but he was always classy.  Trump is never classy.  I wish her was from time to time.  I think it would help him better succeed. I hope he attends the funeral and not snubbed like the case with McAmnesty (McCain).

DML: Announced today that Trump will attend.

DML there is no way we won’t be joining the service.  We didn’t sign up for a full year because times are too tough believe it or not.  Although we can afford a monthly payment of $10 we can’t deport with $120 all at once.  I wish Trump would have done more about our expenses as Americans.  I am very excited for the new format because I hate the ads and I hate the trolls who disturb the experience on your shows.  I love your movies so we may upgrade to $20 if we can find the room in our budget.

DML: Please do not try to spend what you do not have.

A Very Good Morning to TEAM DML and DML Followers, We know that Dennis/DML has been very busy and on an almost “Superhuman” pace to bring us his new program format.

We will all benefit from his rapid fire and insightful, shrewd, perceptive, astute and aware understanding of all the Political as well as World News!

As you all know he will be doing things a little differently than we have become accustom to;  but I know it will all be a huge benefit to all of us.

Keeping it short and sweet so that DML can bring you the meat of the topics presented for today’s Podcast ….

 I’m letting EVERYONE know that  I will be keeping you all in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers CONTINUALLY!

So with that being said I want to add a little something…“This life is not easy, our road is not always smooth, we tend to tilt a little in one direction or the other so keep JESUS ALWAYS center in your life!”

Sending Love and Warm Hugs,
California Carol

DML: I will add to podcast, but also added here.  Thank you for your hard work and consistency Carol.

My son and I spent the evening having dinner with TEAM DML member Janet Rush. She was a refugee from Russia who came to the US back in 1991.  A complete success story of how an immigrant with the right attitude and work ethic can come to the US legally, work hard, become a citizen, and make a positive impact to all those around her.  Although, she didn’t each much!

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  1. Photo) Such a sweet photo. I would be in awe, too, and eat little. You have a great and new friend, Dennis.
    Cali Carol)Thank you, Carol. Your messages and prayers were spot on and inspired me daily. We will continue to enjoy on TEAM DML.

  2. I love the photo and Janet’s story.💞Immigrants who enter our country and become true American citizens the right way have an glowing sense of pride about them. They’ve earned our respect, and we graciously welcome them into our country. They are more than just “votes” to us. In other words, we’re glad you’re here, Janet! 🇺🇸 -Susie💕

  3. Hey DML, It was a joy to spend a bit of time with you and Miss Mary at the wine and talk last night! No is a perfectly acceptable answer! God bless you and your family always! Dec. 2, 2018


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