DML: Important! Some changes with DML APP and Alerts

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As noted last week, we are beta-testing our new website, Although it is up and running, it remains in a beta test mode and, so, we only post to it a few times per day.

Starting next month, it will be our primary website for news and politics. If you use the DML APP, you will not see any interruptions — everything will work the same. will convert to a more “community style” website with lots of features that extend beyond politics and news. I’ll explain more about this in the weeks to come.

There are two significant changes to the DML APP ALERTS. We put them in place yesterday and it appeared to work fantastically.

When we publish a story / report / poll / video to our website, it automatically goes to the DML APP’s “Trending News” tab. This will remain in place.

When there is breaking news or a headline that we believe our readers would not want to miss, we will send a sound alert to the DML APP. Depending on your smart phone, it either buzzes or chimes.  This has been in place, and it will remain in place. Nothing changes.

In the past, we powered the sound alerts by connecting it to the DML Twitter account. Thus, we tweeted only when there was an alert. This is now changing.

We want to use Twitter more often, so we have disconnected the alert system and tied it to our website. If there is breaking news, we now click a button on our website admin panel and the sound alert goes out.  Again, this means nothing to you — things will remain the same as they have been.   But here is where it gets a little tricky…

In addition to our sound alerts, some DML APP users also signed up for our text alerts, which read the same because they too are connected to our tweets.  The text alerts are connected to the 40404 system.  Here is what will change…

If you are signed on for the 40404 alerts, you will be getting more alerts throughout the day. In short, whenever we tweet, you will get an alert. I’d guess this will amount to ten per day, give or take a few.  This applies ONLY to the 40404 users.

So, allow me to explain this as a whole…

If you have downloaded the DML APP and keep notifications ON, you will continue to receive the same service you have received for the past nine months, since we first launched the DML APP. You need to do nothing at this time.

If you signed up for the 40404 alerts, meaning that you used your phone and dialed 40404, then texted “follow @realdennislynch,” (put space between “follow” and “@”), you will see a change in the sense that more alerts will be coming to your phone regardless of whether you have the DML APP, or not. This happens because we are posting more often to Twitter. So, this means you will receive both breaking news and links to news items which are the most popular throughout the day.  This is ONLY in effect for 40404 users.

I will be explaining this time and again over the next few months during the Walk & Talk programs. I will resume the Walk & Talk program today at 11:30 a.m.

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If you would like to receive Breaking News text alerts on a smartphone or tablet, download the DML APP which is completely FREE and easy to use. Go to the Google Play Store or the IOS App Store and search for DML APP. Be sure to keep the app’s notifications setting on. Another way to receive alerts is to text to 40404 the following message: follow @realdennislynch (be sure to put a space between the word follow and the @ symbol).

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