DML inspires disabled vet to run for U.S. Congress

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A disabled Army veteran affirms that Dennis Michael Lynch, owner of DML Daily, inspired his decision to run for the United States Congress in California’s 31st Congressional District.

Dean Poirier recently made the decision to contend for a congressional seat in the 2018 mid-term elections, ahead of the timeline he had established. The election of President Trump resonated with Poirier, proving that current voters are fervently supportive of candidates who are not career politicians.

“Like most Americans,” Poirier said in an exclusive interview with DML Daily, “I’m just tired of politicians acting like they have the right to have that position.”

“At this time in our America,” Poirier asserts, “It’s important that we get away from thinking that only career politicians are the right people to speak for us. Change needs to happen, and it needs to happen now.”

DML was instrumental in Poirier’s decision. “As Dennis says, it takes bold action to make change,” Poirier noted. “So I got bold and decided to go try and make change.”

Poirier just wants “to be part of the solution,” an attitude that has guided him throughout his life.

As a young man, Poirier had the opportunity to travel internationally for work, placing him in Germany at a seminal historic event facilitated by President Reagan—the tearing down of the Berlin wall.

“I had an opportunity to be there,” Poirier said. “I actually put my hands on a sledgehammer, and I have a picture of the hole I helped put in that wall.”

Poirier asserts that the international travel “woke me up to the value of America—gave me such a pride for my country.” It also motivated him to enlist in the National Guard and, ultimately, in the Army.

“I’m not afraid to take charge, follow, lead,” Poirier said. “I just want to get things done.”

Poirier proved this while serving in the military, initially training Desert-Storm-bound troops and later leading a multi-national force in Germany supporting the Bosnian Relief Effort. In April 1994 he was featured in that role on the cover of Soldiers magazine.

FullSizeRender (19)

Dean Poirier is shown on the left.

“I was just an E-4,” Poirier said, “Because of my just-get-it-done attitude, I got put in that position. Whoever’s doing it right needs to do it.”

In Germany, former Sergeant Major of the Army, Richard Kidd, presented his personal coin and a card bearing his signature to Poirier in recognition of his efforts.

Poirier said that the gesture “made me realize that service to my country is what really, really makes me grow. When you get recognized from that level, it makes you realize that what you’re doing is valuable, and everyone can be valuable.”

Complications resulting from a knee injury Poirier sustained early in his military career led to his medical discharge in 1995 after which he obtained a degree in psychology and held jobs such as prison guard, truck driver, electrician, and mail carrier. He also volunteered, and coached baseball, basketball, and football.

Poirier never wavered from his dedication to his country, and logged countless hours educating himself on political issues, and following campaigns.

“At the beginning of the last election season, I was seeing more and more senators and congressmen who just weren’t representing what most Americans believe,” Poirier said. “It was so insulting to me that I was being told by people on the other side of the aisle, and people on my side that didn’t like one particular candidate, that you’re wrong. You don’t see it right. You’re not smart enough to figure that out. Well, I didn’t believe that.”

Poirier’s assessment was proven correct following his participation in a question and answer session at a town hall meeting hosted by former presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

“I’m not the type of person to just complain and not have a solution,” said Poirier, who presented an idea at the town hall for legislation addressing the problem of substandard veteran healthcare. Impressed by Poirier’s proposal, Rubio took the time to speak with him about it later.

Dean Poirier and Marco Rubio

Poirier and Senator Marco Rubio

While volunteering at a phone bank event, Poirier met Republican South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy and expressed his desire to pursue public office, contending that he wanted to “start helping Americans take back the left coast from the people that are destroying it.”

When Poirier shared his legislative proposal and long-term plan for running, Gowdy asked, “Why do you think you need to wait so long?”

The responses Poirier received from politicians he respected motivated him to shorten his timeline and launch a congressional campaign for 2018.

“I’m a firm believer in ‘if you can, you should,’” Poirier said. “If you can serve because you are the right person for the job, then you better have a good reason for not doing it.”

Poirier anticipates using the same approach that President Trump did in his campaign—going directly to the people via social media versus depending on mass media to convey his message.

He hopes that message resonates with voters of all political persuasions. Poirier has reached consensus with potential voters across the political spectrum by explaining how people are being misled by their political representatives. He said that there “needs to be trust and belief in the people representing us. No one I have spoken with has any trust that a single person in office is going to do what they say—on both sides of the aisle.”

Poirier wants to change that. “I’ve been working hard on my personal way of delivering information in an effort to disarm people’s instant desire to have confrontation,” he said, “because that’s what the world has seemed to come to.”

Poirier tries to put labels aside because they “get in the way of an actual point.” After the assumptions about Republicans, Democrats and Independents have been dispensed with, “there’s the ability to talk and reason, and realize people have common ground.”

“It’s a matter of being respectful to what someone believes, and presenting what you have to say in a respectful way,” Poirier noted. “Unfortunately, respectful discourse is one of the things that is disappearing from our political system right now. If we could bring back respectful discourse a lot of the public would come around.”

Dean Poirier and Trey Gowdy

Poirier and Congressman Trey Gowdy

Poirier believes that it is “important to get more civil control over all of the discourse. There’s a vitriol, a disgust for the other side’s opinion that is just so palatable. Media propagates that and promotes it for ratings.”

DML’s efforts to change that have given Poirier hope for the future. “I’m comforted when I see the formation of DML to shake up the questionable media of today. DML’s dedication to doing what’s right is what’s most important.”

Poirier feels “so connected to the grassroots nature of what DML is doing—someone that believes so strongly in America that they’re going to take it upon themselves to start a whole new network because the networks are tearing us down.”

When speaking about DML, Poirier said, “He’s infectious…in a good way!”

According to Poirier, one of his priorities in office would be to advocate for term limits for elected officials. “It’s the single biggest thing we can do to save the institution of our American politics as a whole.”

Another hot-button issue for Poirier is the lack of quality jobs which foments hopelessness, leads to crime, and snowballs into other social problems. If elected, he would work to bring back career-oriented jobs that pay enough to support families.

Should he become a congressman, Poirier will pledge to donate one-third of his salary to homeless and child services in his district, and 50 percent of his retirement pay to organizations assisting veterans and children.

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