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  1. Dennis, I am 76 years old and this is the second time in my life time that I have been ashamed of my country. The first time was when all those kids came home from Viet Nam and how they were treated. They have totally ruined this man’s reputation. I feel so badly for him and his family. They kept raising her up and bragging about her courage. The demos have sunk to the very bottom of the swamp. I feel so disgusted with the demos. I pray that Judge Kavanaugh will be approved. At this point, who knows what else they will come up with to prevent a vote even.

    Disgusting all of them. The country i grew up in is long gone. May God bless all of us. #44 ruined us with a lot of help from those such as Hillary, Soros and on and on.

    Thank you for you sane opinions. I feel dirty right now and I was only able to watch a portion of those hearings.

    • Thank you, DML for your logical, heartfelt commentary. I totally agree with you. As the broadcast came over my local channel, I saw the names and comments of my former high school history students, and it made me so proud to know that they could see through the smokescreen and realize what is really going on. I’m so proud of them for watching history unfold, and for being confident enough to voice their opinion. At 16 years of age they didn’t think they were supposed to have an opinion about anything. We studied current events every day for about five or ten minutes. They could comment their thoughts, and soon learned they DID HAVE OPINIONS! Imagine that! Many of them are in their forties now. I’m leaving the world in good hands, and I hope some of them run for office. I love your news feed and commentaries so much. Thank you.

  2. Thank you DML, I am also ashamed of this country and what it has become.
    I came here as an immigrant and have lost my own country England to the invaders that are destroying the once beautiful country it was.
    I couldn’t listen to all of it because it made me literally sick at what the Democrats did to this Honourable man and his family.
    This whole disgusting circus has done a lot of harm to this Nation and I don’t see a lot of hope at this point.
    I fear for my children and their children at what a disgrace this country has come to because of evil that want Power.
    It’s going to take a miracle to bring back respect and decency and the Democrats will never be that way.

  3. I have been saying now that we are turning into a 3rd world country. Listening to you I guess I was on the right track Shame I just shared a video that’s been on Facebook tonight showing the woman and a bunch of people around her and envelopes switching hands Wonder what that was all about the envelopes changing hands? could it have been a payoff? I hope Donald Trump comes across that video

  4. I think they should dissolve the democrat/republican thing all together. Have it all independent and leav it at that. No more fighting against sides because there are no sides.
    Instead of make America great again I should be. Make America our America Again.

  5. ALL you have to do is listen to her testimony, not one of her so called other people at a so called party or get together. NOT ONE OTHER PERSON SAID THIS HAPPENED, NOT ONE WEE BIT OF EVIDENCE. SICK SICK, DEM’S SICK SICK, GLAD I LEFT THE DEM PARTY, REPUBLICAN. NOW. THIS IS A MADE UP STORY FROM THE LEFT. I THINK THE FBI SHOULD DO A REAL INVESTIGATION INTO THE FEMALES THAT ARE THINKING YOU CAN USE THE ME TOO MOVEMENT. Sorry PO’d here. This man called Judge Kavanaugh, has been destroyed by fake News. time to allow politician sue other people with unfounded lies.

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