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There was a commercial back when I was a kid about a man whose wife bought him a razor.  Turns out he loved the razor so much he bought the company.  The product was the Remington, and the man was Victor Kiam.  I have a story that sort of resembles his.

For years I have suffered from chronic pain and a lack of sleep.  I have taken everything for the pain: from Aleve to Advil, nothing ever works.  As for sleeping, if I wanted to get a night’s rest, I had to take two Tylenol PM.  Sure, I would sleep through the night but the next morning I felt like I was hit by a truck.

Not able to do much activity, I gained weight and found myself miserable more often than not. I was told to try CBD.  Immediately I rejected the idea by saying, “I don’t do drugs.”  Little did I know how stupid that sounded.

CBD is not marijuana, it doesn’t get you high, and when taken as a supplement it can do wonders.  The problem is there are so many CBD products.  Many tout being something they are not, and not every product is safety tested.  Furthermore, the stuff is downright expensive.

I did my research.  And I tried a few CBD products but came away with little results.  But then I came across a product that worked so well that I pulled a Victor Kiam.  I didn’t buy the hemp farm, but I decided to create a private label called DML PURE.

After four months of taking DML PURE I have gone from not sleeping and feeling joint pain nonstop, to now sleeping through the evening and running sprints on the beach.  Simply put, I will be 50 years young in August and I feel great again.

Obviously, just because something works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you, but I would be remiss not to mention that many of my family and friends are using DML PURE and getting the same level of results that I am.

If you want to try to feel great again, and if you want to eliminate the risks of not knowing who you are buying from, then I invite you to visit right now.  CLICK HERE.

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  1. Hey DML, my name is Frank Bellanger I am a person in Recovery from Substance Use Disorder . What that means is I haven’t put a mood or mind altering substance in my body in some time. I am a CPRS in Virginia and work in the Recovery Community. Plant Based Recovery is a pathway , and I’m all for CBD being used to help others stop Suffering. Please contact me [email protected] I’m in The Recovery Residences Business and would like to speak to you.

  2. Thank You x 10. I experienced a botched back surgery 18 yrs ago which cost me a career I Loved. Dr’s had me on drugs until I told them where they could put them. I’ve been waiting so long for a legitimate product that does not have horrible side effects; and now you’ve brought it to us. Your word is as good as gold and I can’t hardly wait to feel the results. God Bless you for the research and verification you’ve done for the rest of us.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh man oh man, I’ve been waiting for this day!!!! I can’t wait to try it, I have arthritis in both hips and I hurt bad, I want my life back!!!! Thank you for this, the sooner I can get it the better!!! I’ll let you know!!!!

  4. I call bullshit! The real DML wouldn’t be bothered or associated with this shit! True DML followers Know this. Now go find somebody else to exploit! Preferably a lib who’s more accurate to this BS! Dumbass!

  5. Are there any drug interactions associated with CBD oil. Such as diabetes meds blood pressure meds or thyroid meds

    Are there any drug interactions associated with CBD oil. Such as diabetes meds blood pressure meds or thyroid meds

  6. Hey Dennis,
    When you first tried this brand CBD oil (I’m sure there are 100’s), how long did it take before you started to feel better?

    I’m like you, I’ll be 50yrs young in 5 mos. I don’t suffer from major pain, I just feel “off”. I have no problem sleeping. I could sleep 6hrs, I could sleep 12. But I’m always tired. My legs feel like they’re dragging.

    I’m curious to try DML CBD. How long until patients have seen results? 1 mos? 3 mos?

    Thanks for your input


  7. I wish I could preorder for the August delivery. I have tried thru the team dml page for 30 minutes. It just takes me to my paypal summary page.


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