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Dear Mr. President:
I am sure you recall all the nasty tweets and comments you made about Senator McCain during the campaign.  If you don’t, be sure of one thing, he does.

Although I support the policies you pushed during your campaign, the one thing I agreed with most was the need to “drain the swamp.”

I was a victim of the swamp.

I’ll spare you the long details. In short, I found out the hard way that in D.C., there is no sense of loyalty, and there is no sense of humanity. In DC, the mindset is kill or be killed, even if you kill a person who was once an ally. I thought you knew this going in? If not, you certainly know it now.

With the above in mind, there is one man who stood above that sort of thing for 20-years. He was a rare dove amid the dirty vultures who feed atop Capitol Hill. That dove is Jeff Sessions. He was not a vulture, he was not part of the swamp.

Look at Senator McCain and what he pulled on Friday with voting against the skinny Obamacare bill.

The American voter who isn’t privy to how the swamp operates is probably wondering if there is more going on in McCain’s brain than the horrible cancer. (That said, may God please help Sen. McCain be cured of his cancer.)

Why would McCain vote no to the current skinny repeal? It makes no sense. Or does it?

McCain put out a BS statement about the merits, or lack thereof, of the bill put forward. You know this is BS when the Democrats are praising him for his non-partisan point of view.

Let’s be honest. His vote had nothing to do with the bill, nor did he intend to break through the walls of partisanship. He voted no for one reason, and one reason only… He wanted to hit you hard where it hurts.

Sen. McCain knows you need a big win, and he’d be damned first before handing it over to you.

Sen. McCain has never forgotten about the countless negative comments you made about him in public. Especially those that question his military service.

You may have thought the two of you buried the hatchet, and he may have smiled for you during the election, but he remembers your words and thus, he wants the last word. That’s how D.C. works.

He is not alone.

The GOP lawmakers absolutely hate you. They hate how you communicate, they hate how you lead, they hate how you hire people from outside the Beltway.

Look at where we are 6-months into your presidency. I mean really look… really close.

Why don’t we have more wins?

Put aside your executive orders. They can be undone later in time. We need big laws.

In theory, there should be nothing stopping us. We have the Senate, the House, and the Supreme Court. At this point, we should be cranking out legislation — meaningful laws — that make America great again. But we have zero. Nothing. Why?

I believe the GOP has a plan to bring you down. The plan is built on 3 pillars.

One: They know the liberal media will blow you to pieces every chance they get. This will never change, and it works to their advantage.

Two: The GOP knows your off-color tweets and hard-hitting comments will never stop. Your die-hard supporters love this sort of thing, they know this, but they also know it doesn’t help earn new supporters, and it chips away at some of the existing base who supported you, simply because they couldn’t come to terms with voting for Hillary.

Although they have no control over the first two pillars, they know each is tangible. But alone, the two pillars are not enough to bring you down. They know this to be true because it was not enough to make you lose the election. Therefore, something more is needed, and therefore they put into place the 3rd pillar.

Three:  Make Trump into a leader who can’t get things done.

You must admit, Mr. President, they’re doing a pretty fair job at stopping the Trump agenda from going through. For example, how, after 7-years of Obamacare, do we not have a repeal in place? Think about it and you’ll see what I see. The GOP’s plan is all about getting you out of office in 4 years.

The GOP is banking on the following:

a) Your executive orders are temporary fixes. This will be exposed in the next election.

b) The stock market is not controlled by you. It runs in cycles. Thus, although you tout about it being up because of your policies, history shows it will go down eventually. Even if it stays strong, any decent competitor who runs against you in 2020 will be able to rip the stock market from your list of accomplishments. All they have to do is point to President Obama — the stock market was up 130% during his presidency.

c) Your border wall will never be built in 4 years. Heck, it probably won’t even start. The wall, if it gets funded, will be stopped by every environmentalist and pro-immigration group known to man. Lawsuits will slow it down to a crawl, if not stop it altogether, by the time it’s Election Day 2020.

d) There will be no healthcare reform, and healthcare by 2020 will be a disaster beyond measure. Even if a repeal eventually gets approved, by the time it is implemented it will be too late. People will blame you for it taking too long.

There is more to the list, but for the sake of brevity, allow me to get to 2018.

According to a staffer who works for a prominent member of the GOP, I am told the GOP believes it will lose the Senate in 2018. But it matters little because it will be more of the same, nothing will get passed because the GOP will keep the House. This will lead to you losing in 2020.

When it comes time for 2020, the GOP will sell you out by saying you have no chance of winning. Therefore, the message will be “vote Republicans into the House and Senate to stop President (Democrat).”

Then in 2024, the GOP will run one of their own — maybe Paul Ryan.

They will sell the story that is was YOU, the radical outsider, that screwed things up for the country. “Give us another chance to have Congress and the White House and we’ll prove Trump was the problem.” I hear the 2024 debates now, don’t you?

I go back to Jeff Sessions. You have to stop ridiculing him in public. You must bring him into your office, clear the air, shake hands, and be in love again.

Although you are banking on General Kelly to stop the White House leaks, it is Sessions who is your best asset. He is kicking butt over at the DOJ!

If permitted to do his job without the daily bashing from your Twitter account, I think he will continue to get great things done. His accomplishments will be a big part of your scorecard in 2020. In other words, let Sessions be your Trump card against the GOP.

How you are missing this about Sessions is beyond me, and I say that will all due respect. Perhaps you’re too far inside the forest to see the trees? I don’t know the answer, but I do see the foundation cracking, and it has to stop.

From what I know of you, ‘loyalty’ means a lot. But Sir, loyalty is a two-way street that needs to be fed. Senator Sessions helped your campaign at a time when no other person in DC would even speak with you. He helped you win the election! Allow Attorney General Sessions to do it again.

I say this in closing…

Make no mistake about Sessions, like the rest of us, he is human. Although he doesn’t fly around the slime bucket like John McCain does, nobody likes to be humiliated. If you continue to slam him publicly, you will lose him, and therefore I think you lose in 2020, which means we all lose.

Dennis Michael Lynch

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