Dear Mr. President:
I shouldn’t have to write this, but perhaps you have forgotten that you, Sir, are the President of the United States.

You took this job onto your shoulders knowing full well that it is the responsibility of the president to keep Americans safe at all costs.  Sadly, you are failing in this capacity when measured by the southern border.

When it comes to the border protection of this nation, you are getting absolutely nothing accomplished.  You will boldly blame this on Congress, but I know better.  When referring to the invasion at our borders, you also try to twist the blame by aiming your tweets at the wall.   You do this because you know it’s what you got elected, you know the value of crying: WE NEED A WALL.

You and I both know that you never expected Mexico to pay for the wall.  And we both know what you told Chris Ruddy… You knew the chances of a wall being built were slim to none, but you told Ruddy it was a great rally chant and the basis for being elected.

Donald J. Trump, stop with blame game.  Fact is, it’s you who has hit a wall.

A real leader doesn’t cry at the moon and point fingers.  A real leader realizes when he is blocked, and then he finds another way to move forward.

Although it would be nice to have the barrier you promised during the campaign, the bigger objective should be to stop the flow of illegals TODAY.   If you do not, you are putting our children at risk.

According to the watchdog group NC FIRE,  records show that in the state of North Carolina a total of 28 illegal aliens were charged with 89 counts of rape and assault against children. Truth is, this is all happening on your watch.

In April, apprehensions and attempted entry by illegal aliens at America’s southwestern border was more than three times higher than the same month in 2017.  The same was said for March.

This new data comes from the Customs and Border Protection Agency.  These are the same government officials who told you earlier this year that your soft talk about DACA and Dreamers was spurring the influx.

More than 50,000 people tried to cross the southwestern border in April, the second month in a row that that many people have attempted the crossing. Some 12,000 individuals attempted to cross but were found inadmissible, bringing the FY 2018 total to 63,000. And 38,000 were apprehended attempting to cross between ports of entry, bringing the FY 2018 total to more than 200,000.

Last week, a border agent contact of mine from South Texas explained that the National Guard is nothing more than window dressing, and that the flow of illegals is horrifying.  He also noted that the cartels are taking advantage of the situation by sending across more dangerous drugs at an alarming rate.    He also warned of how many criminals he’s catching — meaning, people who were previously deported for crimes committed in the US are returning.

Among the group apprehended, there were some 4,000 unaccompanied minors, and just under 10,000 family units. Both unaccompanied minors and family units are, as a matter of policy, only detained briefly before being released into the interior pending further deportation proceedings. Estimates from the Center for Immigration Studies indicate that only half of all of those individuals released pending further hearings actually show up for their subsequent trial.

You can blame the immigration laws, Congress, sanctuary cities and Democrats all you want.  However, a real leader takes the bull by the horns and realizes the problem falls on his shoulders.   That said, why are you playing dumb?  Why are you playing the victim who’s hands are tied?  Fact is, you and your policy staffers know there is a way to significantly slow down the flow of illegal aliens coming to the US.  It’s the same tool that could be used to force people here illegally to return home via self-deportation.  The tool is an executive order demanding mandatory e-Verify.

Problem is you fear the Chamber of Commerce, ACLU, press, and rich business owners will crash down on you if the executive order calling for e-Verify is issued.  I am told by my contacts within the administration that you don’t want another reason for the press to hate on you, and that e-Verify will flip the press on its ear.

I revert back to protecting our kids.  Is a child raped by an illegal alien meaningless because it doesn’t hurt the bottom line?

When a child is raped by an illegal, or when a contractor loses his job to an illegal, or a female is killed by an illegal nobody loses any money.  This is why nothing is done.  It’s all about the money.  And so one has to question why you, the billionaire president is allowing it to happen.

It’s pretty clear how things go from here.  Either you put forward an executive order for mandatory e-Verify, or you will battle Obama for who gets the prize for allowing the most illegal aliens to cross the open border.  Unlike your other issues, you can’t blame this one on fake news, Jeff Sessions, Robert Mueller or Stormy Daniels.  The flow of illegals is all on your shoulders.

Bottom line: either execute the order for mandatory e-Verify, or be a total bust.  The writing is on the wall (no pun intended).

Dennis Michael Lynch