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NOTE: Keep in mind, the connection to Facebook today was terrible, thus, the choppy video.


  1. Suprised you didnt use this tweet to bash him on immigration and healthcare too. No worries. I’ll give you time.

    • The next time there’s a tweet about ratings or old news, you bet ya. And btw, it’s not bashing. In intellectual circles it’s called KEEPING our officials accountable. Perhaps taking off your cult shades will help you get some sun. I’ll give you time.

  2. yea menendez the traitor is sending out emails to nj voters, that POS is going the next election if we can get enough to throw his ass out once and for all.

  3. Totally agree with you DML, I loved his tweet. Finally, finally a President, who is not going to kowtow to these lunatics. In my minds eye I could see the liberal left and the MSM’s Head exploding all over the place…scrambling like the rats they are to find a way to spin this in the worst possible way, as usual. I read the tweet… there was not any mention of war… but of consequences. Kind of make you wonder where the comprehension levels are over there. Remember the old saying “To ASSUME anything… makes an ASS of U and ME.” The President can’t say ANYTHING … He warns of consequences… they take it to DEFCOM 4. He meets with Putin to establish a diplomatic rapport … zoom, straight to treason at the speed of light. It’s really pathetic.

  4. So proud to have a president that will put them in their place and stand up for the American people. He isn’t going to take any shit from them.

  5. Great. Finally, we have a president who will stand strong against those who “hate” us. Thanks for stating it so well as usual. Love you. Keep doing what you do.

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