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  1. Hi DML—Just finished watching your Sit & Talk and loved every minute of it. I had quite a few chuckles and might just watch it a 2nd time. lol
    I sent the $50 for the E-Verify and hope and pray that it works. I am sick and tired of all the illegals in our country and can’t wait for the day they go back to wherever it was they came from.
    Thank you Dennis and your wonderful family for all you do.
    God Bless

  2. Hi DML, I received the app alert about today’s (Monday) Walk and Talk and I couldn’t watch it live, I was busy. I was planning on watching the video recording, which I often do. 🙂 I cannot find today’s Walk and Talk video. Where oh where is it hiding? LOL Thanks for all you and your family do for us.

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