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  1. Dennis you are absolutely correct, I have been saying for many months that Obama is a very dangerous man, anyone that continues to slam the President and do the things he has done speaks of an evil that is continuing now, with the Mid Terms he is a dangerous factor whether people want to believe it or not.
    I wish Trump would listen to you because everything you say makes so much sense, he has to get over his ego and be a President and fix the immigration which is totally out of hand, fix Obama care and he would win a lot of people over.

  2. I guess I’m just dumb but I can’t think that this anonymous letter in the Times is not really from whom it says it’s from. . Anyone could write, submit, and claim to be the one who of course is anonymous . I think it is from a Democrat set up person who just wants to continue the same ole same anything against Trump. Cause I guess we really don’t know who since it’s ANONYMOUS!!

  3. Michelle shouldn’t be allowed to run under false pretenses. If she wants to run then she needs to come clean!! The Obamas no business back in the white house after the mess they left it in and that should be taken into consideration too!! And they dress like they just came from the projects. Good heavens!!!

  4. Dennis, i agree with you. I personally am so tired of the Obama’s trying to continue to be running this country. I lived through 8 years of that mess and hopefully it will end soon. #44 and his wife should just fade away and let us try to bring this country back to where we need to be. God bless u DML.

  5. Dennis, I believe all that you talked about in today’s your short video (Sept. 7, 2018) to your followers to be so true.

    Thank you, Dennis, for your videos! Like you say, the cost of living is eating up “the tax cut” that has been offered to help us citizens of America!

    God Bless you and your beautiful family, our Troops, our Vets and all American Citizens in this great land of ours!

  6. Obama is back. He is campaigning for Michelle who will run for POTUS in 2020. Rahm Emmanuel is not running for mayor because he is hyping up to run with the Obamas so they can create the Chicago chaos and corruption nationwide. This is my prediction.

  7. I really wish President Trump would listen to you! But, then again, my mom always said to take all your wishes, put ‘em in one hand, s**t in the other & see which one fills up the fastest! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. I agree 100% let this stupid op ed story that was intended to foster paranoia DIE DIE DIE. Move onward upward and focus on the good positive changes.

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