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In a fiery Facebook Live broadcast on Monday afternoon, DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) said today is a day Americans must never forget – especially when they go to the voting booths in November.

“We are watching the Democrats and the media simply destroy all that this country was built on,” DML warned, as he unleashed on Democrats in both the House and the Senate for not working with Republicans to pass an economic relief bill to help workers and small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is no longer about America,” DML said. The Democrats are not fighting for Americans – they’re fighting for their donors, he said, noting that the lawmakers are the only ones who are not at risk of losing their jobs.

For senators and congress members, they get money from the government to pay their staffers, plus a guaranteed pension, unlike America’s business owners, DML said.

The Democrats and the media are all about hating on Trump. We’re all about loving America, DML added.

“They can’t connect with us. They never understood why you voted for Donald J. Trump. They never understood why you looked past his imperfections. But we do. We have a guy in the White House who wants to make us strong again. He wants to make us great again. He wants to make us rich again. He wants to make us safe again. That can’t understand that, because they come from an elite world where the only people they romance with are the donors who give them tons of money who want promises back, so they throw us under the bus!” DML said in the fiery monologue.

The whole principal of the Democrats is just to get people to NEED government, he warned. “You think they care about an unemployment rate? The more people who are beholden to the government, the more power they have,” he said.

“When you take away real inspiration, take away people’s jobs, stick them back on the porch and tell them ‘don’t worry, we’ll get you an unemployment check,’ that’s when the American spirit dies. That’s when the light goes out. That’s when the flame dies. This county is losing its soul, it’s losing its fire. They say we don’t have enough ventilators. This country needs a ventilator!” he declared.

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