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DML News founder Dennis Michael Lynch discussed the oceans of people waiting in line to get into President Trump’s 2020 kickoff rally in Orlando, and how Fox will monetize the event – despite that they have been hosting 1-hour town hall events for radical Democrat candidates.

CLICK HERE to see photos and videos of the thousands of people waiting to get into the Orlando rally – many who have stood in line for nearly two days.

CLICK HERE to participate in DML’s email campaign that allows you to show your support for President Trump, and let Fox News know you don’t approve of them throwing the president under the bus.

WATCH DML’s important live update below:

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  1. The Right Side Broadcasting will have it online. I have posted to about 60 groups so they can watch it. I don’t depend on tv. OAN MAY have it on tonight…usually they do but not everyone can get it. They don’t INTERRUPT like FOX either so go to Right Side Broadcasting & SHARE TO YOUR GROUPS!!!


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