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DML News founder Dennis Michael Lynch blasted Fox News on Friday for gradually pulling away from supporting President Trump, and giving a platform to radical Democratic candidates.

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  1. Mr. Lynch, it has been my pleasure to be so informed by you. I am getting sick of Fox news as soon as the Mouse bought Fox news and the CEO is changing on how fox reports on Trump and my other news of the day. I am about just turn off Fox news and try to find a better place for news reporting, like yourself. Please make sure that a bumper sticker gets sent off to the “The Second Floor Boss” of Fox news. I also send Letter III since I did not get the option to check off. With that said as a Veteran of OIF III, I would like to thank for your hard work for Veteran of this Great Nation we call the United States of America. If there is ever a time when you need me just let me know.

    Best Regards,
    Christopher J Pantzke
    SGT, US Army, MEDRET

  2. Fox is moving to much to the left for me.sad they only have. Few people on there that likes Our President very sad.Fox is in for. Real wake up soon due to this change very Sad

  3. I have
    stopped watching Fox News. I am sick and tired of all the media dogging our President. He is our President, he is doing a great job even though he has to be dogged by every dem and media person out there. Shame on all of you. Well I stopped watching the other news stations a long time ago I’ll just add Fox news to the list.

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