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  1. Most likely the large percentage of people that report being, or knowing, someone who was sexually assaulted has to do with the ridiculously broad definition of it in this time. A woman claimed George H Bush sexually assaulted her this year because he touched her on the butt from his wheel chair, as an example.

  2. Have to put my opinion on sexual assault and how much or how it is perceived. If there is a groping or forcible kiss or attempts to get the petting to a next level, there has to be a understanding of how a woman deems she has been sexually assaulted. I feel there are women who have a sensitivity in how she is kept in a sort of sheltering place by her parents; these women I feel see any kind of sexual push by a boy or man makes her feel possibly the incident is much worst than it really is. Then I think there are women who have been in a drive-in in the past or college or high school gathering, the boys or young men they have been on dates or parties or just hanging out – the incidence of the boys pushing themselves on them may not be as big a deal to them and they go forward to live their lives without carrying around a huge amount of blame… I myself, as a teen, found myself in a few situations where I didn’t want to neck or make out past a few kisses… wasn’t interested. A few boys were insistent but thankfully nothing got past the hand that was trying to unzip my pants. They finally backed off. And they weren’t drinking at the time. When I met my first real boyfriend at 19 years old, he was very pushy the first few dates but I wasn’t ready. Then later on down the road I found myself being too close with him and gave in to his overtures. And I found myself losing my virginity. As I write this I realize my age at 19 years and the stress I was going through at the time having lost my first job and had left home because of a argument with my dad… had no mom since I was 9 years. I also realize now this man should have respected me to not push himself on me… at the same time I suppose I was kind of branching out sexually. So, there you have it. This man turned out to be not a good man. But that’s another story. So, this business of how men have and are taking advantage of women or girls can be, like it or not, not a good thing. The lack of respect can be devastating.. at the same time, there are boys who do have respect and I did meet a few of them along the way. So, how we see or perceive how we are met with force or push could just be something that needs to really be understood by many women. In this instance, I feel after 36+ years as a teenager and their antics this lady has made poor judgment in giving this story that is meant for the context of political attention, not for any other reasoning. Thanks for listening.

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