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Below is my latest LIVE video.  Please watch and share on your social media accounts.

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  1. LOL I think u are losing it, dear. You are so funny. The news “positive” report you are doing would be so nice IF it was true for sure.

    Prison reform is unbelievable. Letting them out early. I am so astonished. I guess Kim showed him where so many are in jail that do not belong there. Evidently, he listened to her. Why not listen to US?

    One new muslim woman representative from MN has flipped on what she is in favor of. Guess some who voted for her will be a bit disappointed.

    Hannity is so full of it. He said we need immigrants. He did say they were mostly male. He makes me sick.
    As you have always said, a wall will not stop most of the illegals. I thought the wall Hannity showed was the one just completed. Whoopie!!!!! Go for a swim and they would bypass the wall. Oooops.

    God bless you and your family. Hugs

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