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  1. Those paper hospital masks are worthless against virus. At very least you will need N95 masks but a respirator would be better. Keep the 3 feet away rule. I really can’t believe they gave you worthless protection.

  2. DML is spot on about immigration being the #1 issue in this Country, but unfortunately we are in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs. This has been going on now for about 50 years. The Hart-Celler act of 1965 signed by President Lyndon Baines Johnson changed the demographics of America what now seems like forever. Before of the heart seller act was put into law America was 90% white from mostly European countries. We took in 160,000 legal immigrants per year. That single law changed everything. Instead of now taking in 90% of European’s, we were only now allowed to take in 10% white Europeans and 90% Third World countries mostly from South America. Also they increased the immigration numbers from 160,000 per year to now 1 million per year. When you include a wide open border, you now see the results. Latino’s vote 70% democrat & Blacks vote 90% democrat, not to mention Asians who also vote democrat, and I just heard a report that there are now more Asian’s coming in the Country then even South Americans. This is why Texas is turning blue and will be blue probably by 2028 and then there will never be another Republican president. Whoever thinks that America being less white is a good thing is only signing their own death certificate. You see people like Don lemon calling White people the biggest threat in America, yet Don lemon lives in a 90% white neighborhood, Whoopi Goldberg 94% white neighborhood And many more white haters who live in all-white neighborhoods. If whites are such a threat why would they want to live around white people? It’s because white neighborhoods are a lot safer than minority neighborhoods. Black men aged 18 to 35 make up only 4% of Americas total population, yet they commit over 53% of all murders in the country. Who is the threat Don lemon? The funny thing is, all of these liberals who are living in these great neighborhoods, when the white man is a minority & there are no more white neighborhoods where will they run. The only way to save the Country is to deport every single last illegal alien, which is probably about 40 million. Unfortunately I don’t think that will ever happen. Keep up the good fight DML. Everyone has to know these facts!!

  3. Amen – glad you are not going to San Diego. Don’t want you sick ever again. Hugs

    Dennis, I truly wish I could afford to subscribe to the Team DML. There is so much I do not understand about the internet. I am afraid I will not be able to access it anyway. My health is going south so not sure I would be able to participate in what I think you want Team DML to do. My prayers are that you will be more successful than you can imagine. Look how people turned out for the blue jacket. I believe in what you are trying to do and I believe in YOU. As far as the Buddy Plan, I think the younger people who can’t afford to subscribe should be helped first. I will never forget how much u helped me during the 2016 election process. I will always treasure my visor you signed and gave to me when you were in Nashville.

    OH Dennis must you put your jacket up. That is sad. You have to be kidding that people would come in and then ask for a refund because they didn’t win the jacket. You are so very special.
    Love ya, Millie

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