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FACEBOOK IS HAVING ISSUES TODAY.  THE LIVE VIDEO FROM THIS MORNING IS NOT PLAYING.  Facebook’s issues began when our show was airing.  Although the program played to the end, Facebook did not save the show.  We are having issues with Facebook today, as too are other publishers.

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  1. There is no video to watch I’m so frustrated I was trying everything to find you till I finally let Facebook have it. I’m so sad I can’t afford your subscription, I will try to put my name on your buddy list. I look so forward to DML and Mary.

  2. We are on a fixed income with being retired and my husband has so many health issues. So sorry we cannot afford your new plan but if it’s best for you DML. GO FOR IT. Loved all your walk and talks. Also some in your home with Mary near. Nice wife you have, wishing you God’s very best if we can will always try to hear your news. Thanks for the Truth. Enjoyed that too. Everything about your whole plan. Got your first 3 movies. You do an awesome job for America!!! KEEP IT UP.

  3. Maybe DML is not offering the video. Did he get enough suckers to buy in to his coat giveaway? He had 94 the first time.

  4. I will not pay someone money to hear what I have been hearing lately. Demeaning the Pres every chance he gets. You can speak the truth without the harshness and undercuts. The tweets you have sent to him are tweets that sound democratic. You may think you are better than anyone else or smarter than anyone else but you aren’t. At the same time I give you credit where credit is due you are a very smart man but you have lost your self control and dignity. You had a huge audience base that adored you. We hung on to your every word. I could not wait to get home from work in the evenings and first thing I would do is watch the replay of your show. The money you received from your fan base I imagine is staggering to say the least. You turned on those people. How does that make you feel? You don’t even talk about your children anymore. Have they grown apart from you? You can deny till you are blue in the face but you have changed. I saw the changes coming little by little and then you just busted loose and it was like you were letting skeletons out of your chest. You were like what the hell I’m right all the time i’m Just going to cut loose. You cut loose your faithful giving people. I hope you can see what we see for your own sake and the sake of your sweet family. I wish you only the best!

  5. For those who c so clearly think that Dennis has changed….move on!! No need to explain…just GO!! For the rest of us, we c an immigration expert that is telling truths. He, as many of us, realize that our President is not the man we thot he was. He is not doing the things he said he would!! Prez. Trump is a huge disappointment. I had such hope. But I’m not going to stick my head in the sand and ignore facts!! That is being plain stupid

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