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Below is my latest LIVE video.  Please watch and share on your social media accounts.

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  1. Obviously that person who made the statue with that remark is way out in left field with no clue of what decency is about! He needs a jail vacation to think over his THREATS to our President and a background check of the damages he has already done in his life! Oct. 10, 2018

  2. Hello DML, in response to your comments wanting feedback on a paid subscription for DML NEWS, I am sure many, many fans will be willing to do that if they can afford another bill to pay every month, as for me I guess I will just continue watching as best I can because I do enjoy your shows, but I cannot justify another monthly financial pay out! We all know that FREEDOM will ever be for Free! I’ll be in the Peanut Gallery rooting for you! Keep the Faith and the focus on Jesus! Good Orderly Direction will prevail! Oct. 10, 2018

  3. DML….you ask about this Trump hatred.

    This hatred is created and fueled by a propaganda campaign against Trump.

    Our Dem legislators openly demonstrate and speak about their hatred for Trump.

    The media keeps it inflamed with unrelenting ridicule, criticism and stirring up fear against Trump and his ability to lead Domestically and Internationally.

    The media manufactures an Anti Trump narrative. They twist every positive into a negative. They bully and hound T e.g. ump and everyone who supports him.
    The media helps create a hostile attitude against Trump and his supporters.

    It is proven that lies repeated enough times are believed and this strategy is embraced by the Dem Party, Media and Hollywood.

    Hollywood and talk show hosts join in with their over-the-top jokes and insults about Trump and what he does to insult and demean him.

    The army of HIRED social media trolls spew hatred and insults and attack those people who write favorable comments about Trump..

    It then becomes commonplace and “acceptable” to insult, demean and hate our President.

    Hired groups of protesters and thugs are used to demonstrate “Trump is responsible for Chaos”

    This propaganda TECHNIQUE is well funded and organized. It is a Marxist/Communist method to disrupt and destroy opposition and targrts.

    Remember as Nazi Germany and the Jews? History is repeating itself with Trump and Conservatives the new Target.

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