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Dennis Michael Lynch hosted his live podcast show Monday morning to subscribers. It is now available below as a podcast audio to the public.

DML gave important commentary every American needs to hear on the following topics:

  • President Trump surprised supporters outside hospital, and the Democrats had a meltdown
  • Fox News pushes out poll showing Biden up 14 points – but ignores a more recent poll showing Biden up only 2 points.
  • Antifa went on a rampage in Seattle Saturday night, destroyed a Starbucks store. Police arrested 16.
  • McCabe refuses to appear at Senate hearing, citing coronavirus concerns
  • USC researchers think THC may be able to treat COVID-19 patients


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  1. Thank you DML. Firstly for supporting our President. Being a NY’er you get him. I did have a chance in my life to live in Ft. Lee NJ. What a culture shock for the young southern girl from Florida. That experience has given me the ability to understand our president. He has more love for this country than most politicians of this age. NY’ers can be gruff however they love what they love with immense passions.

    Secondly you found a product that has given pain relief to many but the hope they we have a chance to beat COVID.

    Thank you DML

    I always dreamed I would live in Vermont alas it was not to be. Enjoy your new home
    Wishing you blessing to you and your family


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