Following President Trump’s announcement that he would be signing the government funding bill and issuing a National Emergency declaration, DML News founder Dennis Michael Lynch responded in two Facebook Live videos Friday afternoon.

The government spending bill gives President Trump $1.375 billion, only a fraction of the funding he had requested for a border wall (with strict limitations on how it can be spent). The bill has been slammed by multiple immigration experts who note that it contains “bombshell amnesty” provisions that they fear will only bring a massive new wave of illegal immigrants to the U.S.

Since the funding provided in the bill will only cover up to 55 miles of border fencing, President Trump reportedly plans to use $8 billion in previously-appropriated funding from other areas to build 234 more miles of barrier, through his National Emergency Declaration.

Multiple lawsuits have already been launched over the National Emergency.

Please watch DML’s response in the two videos below: