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Dennis Michael Lynch is on the road working on new project.  He is unable to host a LIVE video this Tuesday, but he did record a podcast.  If you are a TeamDML member, DML will return to the studio later this week.   He will be posting podcasts (audio) all week.

Topics today:
1- Bolton defends Trump
2- Two women want an all black community in GA
3- Boy gets suspended from school for flashing fake gun during virtual class
4- Dallas Cowboys disappoint fans in support of BLM
5- Kamala Harris tells black man with warrant for sex crime that she’s proud of him

Here it the program for 9/8/20.  Please share on social media.  This program is sponsored by

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  1. Democrats are in a panic. This is why they are pulling at any string to try to get President Trump out of office so the democrats can continue ripping our country apart. President Trump will win November 3rd, I also believe democrats are going to cheat.


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