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  1. If she didn’t mention his name in couples therapy then there is no documentation of the event. She just stuck Kavanaugh’s name in for the last gasp attempt to keep him off the Supreme Court.

  2. every one of these liars should go to jail for trying to destroy anyone just for political favor this bitch will pay for this crap somewhere down the road in her life shame on these damn democrats for being sore losers they will pay for their lies and destruction as well

  3. I did share this walk & talk because you are 100% DEAD ON. And even though you get agitated with President Trump and his tweets and some of the things he does. And you proceed to say so. Along with the FOX comments you make
    from time to time. And I may not always agree with you and share. I will ALWAYS follow you.
    I share everything EXCEPT when you rag on our President because I DON’T want to give my liberal FB friends a party and I figure our President already has enough people beating him up on a DAILY bases. I don’t always like his tweets and some of thibgs he does either. BUT I have come to realize that with all the opposition and in most cases his hands being tied. HE IS BY FAR THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER, Next to Reagan. And again “Executive orders” are only good until the next person is elected. And yes I know his tweets get him in trouble. BUT I do know 2 things 1.GOD put him in there because we needed someone who will be strong ,has money to the point he owes NOBODY, AND stands up for the AMERICAN PEOPLE (even though some don’t appreciate it.2.HE LOVES AMERICA .
    Just because you get agitated with our President and you have your own ideas and opinions, I would never not follow you UNLESS you become a crazy democrat. I have followed you during the election and will continue.
    And I still believe the wall will get built and I still believe before he leaves our President will finish getting rid of “obama care” he has started it. My husband and I will be voting red in November. I believe if we get the right people in there the rest of his promises will follow.
    Keep up the good work. Tell Miss Mary I said “Hello”.
    P.S. I do try to ALWAYS share the feeds where you are selling items, DVDs, books etc.

  4. Thank you DML for ‘balancing’ a bit more for our president. I believe he is doing the best he can & I believe you do to. Keep up the great work that you do! I am more involved with my local candidates as it is just as important to be a voice & vote for conservative issues. it is like ‘swimming up stream’ but I won’t give up. Thank you again!

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