1. “. . . . . Will you be content when God has given you all He’s going to give you?” God had given me everything I had ever dreamed of. Like you, DML, I had the Love of my life. My Billy was my reason for living, happiness, being a good person, building a successful World around us that not too many people would ever imagine was possible. My Billy and I were so strong. We had each other every day for 32 years. I knew how blessed I was. I KNEW IT and I cherished all that we had. We were disgustingly happy and madly in love!
    Now, today, I wake up each morning, alone. My wonderful life is gone. My Husband, my Heart, my Best Friend, my Reason, my EVERYTHING IS GONE because my Billy died from brain cancer in February 2016. In a few weeks from now, on December 16th, it will have been our 35th Anniversary.
    So, here it is, coming up on almost 3 years since His passing, and I have to realize that maybe God has given me all He’s ever going to give me. I’m having to get rid of all our possessions that have so many memories. This crushes me every day. Our beautiful home is now sold and I will have to say goodbye to all I’ve ever known. I’m 53 years old and I never thought about one of Us dying. Ignorant, I know.
    DML, you are blessed. You and I are among the lucky ones because of the love of the one person we chose to marry. I once was blessed. I once was thankful. Now I’m existing only to get through each day in hopes that I will be among the lucky ones once more.

    Team DML Member, Kimberly of Nevada

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