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Sunday morning DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) hosted a Facebook Live broadcast to discuss the escalating riots occurring in cities all across the nation over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

DML shared details about a conversation he had with a New York City police officer, who pointed out disturbing concerns surrounding the Minneapolis officer responsible for Floyd’s death.

He blasted the position that local officials are taking, of letting the protesters run rampant, looting stores, burning buildings and attacking police.

DML pointed out the hypocrisy, of the recent peaceful protests by business owners upset over the coronavirus lockdown, and a salon owner being thrown in jail simply because she wanted to keep her business open.

He went back further, when members of the Bundy family on a Nevada ranch were thrown in jail and at one point faced life in prison simply because they peacefully protested the government’s crackdown over land they were using for their cattle. “Nothing was burned down, no one was hurt, no officers had anything thrown at them. It was the government who killed their cattle.  Yet they were labeled as domestic terrorists and were being tried for life in prison,” DML said in disgust.

Referring to the ongoing rioting and destruction, DML said most of the “protesters” are street thugs, people who have no discipline, and no idea what it is to live like a normal human being.

“It is a double standard that needs to stop,” he declared, and said you don’t solve this problem by just letting things unfold. He then launched into important steps that need to be taken to address the chaos, including calling in the military to get in there and put a stop to it. “We’ve got domestic terrorists in every major city ripping down what people have built over decades,” he said.

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