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In a Facebook Live broadcast on Thursday, DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) discussed President Trump’s re-election campaign, and what it will take for him to win in November.

DML said he has been informed that President Trump isn’t happy with the way his campaign is being handled, and suggested that the campaign desperately needs to change its messaging.

In a separate Facebook post, DML published an open letter to President Trump, and said he would gladly serve on Trump’s reelection campaign. He wrote, in part:

Trump’s campaign needs a spark starting tomorrow because time is passing, our lead is slipping, and the Dems are just heating up. If you’d like the White House to call me, email them today. I will do the job for FREE. No fee. I have no desire to have a spot in the WH after the election win. My willingness to do this is inspired by my desire to help save what remains of the US. Biden will destroy us for good.

Use this address: [email protected]

This is one broadcast you won’t want to miss… and one you’ll definitely want to share! WATCH BELOW:

See DML’s full letter in the post below:

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