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  1. DML, I was watching this morning and shared. It is so sad that our president knows how to solve the problem but will not do it. I’m starting to feel the same as you, disappointed!!!! As I’m writing now, my TV has all these political ads. Most are slamming each other and others say they will not be bought. Well we thought Trump couldn’t be bought and look what happens. He’s got to get over himself and get back to helping this country get back on track. I’m afraid for my grandkids

  2. I watched half of your show, I know why Miss Mary called you down about your less than positive outlook but I do understand you and you have a fire in your belly to deliver the truth and hoping some of your audience can listen and do their part to vote, listen and be informed of their state and local governments…ITS A DIFFICULT TIME IN AMERICA. I agree we are so lost and made to feel shame over helping all these illegal immigrants but OUR OWN citizens who are AMERICAN are dealing with homelessness, sickness and devastating damages from weather, crimes from MS13 and etc. I answered your poll YES…America is on the decline and I honestly feel like we are circling the damn drain. So it’s a good thing I don’t have your job because I woukd be called Chicken Little because the sky is falling and I don’t see anybody DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!
    VOTE Red lol so is Red gonna fix this? I dunno but I couldn’t watch the entire show because I’m physically sick today with a respiratory virus and this show was necessary I understand but I feel so beaten down by what I’m witnessing with our govt and MSM coverage. FAUXAHONTAS Horseface Stormy, are we in fuc^^ing primary school? Btw MASA …I approve of that message. I pray that someone in DC uses their smart side of their brains to turn this around. I’m going back to bed. Still like you,

  3. I am thinking about your comments this morning on how the border crossing numbers were much lower during the Obama administration and are higher during the Trump administration They are higher I think because there are a lot more jobs here now v/s during the Obama era
    So Trump has helped to improve the job numbers which shows that implementation of e-verify is essential what can I do to get that system implemented?

  4. Another great show. I appreciate your passion. I understand your frustration.

    OMG the pain that Mother suffers. You are right I cried along with her. I can’t imagine losing a child and especially in that manner. Senseless. Thanks for sharing this Dennis. It really brings reality to the foreground. Love and hugs.

    I will be here as long as i can see and hear. I wish I was wealthy so i could sponsor everything you do. but I am a widow on SS plus a pension from my husband. I have more month than i do paycheck. I so agree that America is on the decline. People are having it very rough these days financially. I am better off than a lot of people but i still struggle. Last 3 years SS raise was taken up with the increase in Medicare premiums.

    God bless you and keep doing what you do so well. Love and hugs.

  5. Dennis, E-Verify only works on part of the issue. It is good step but without Reserves on the border you will not stop any Muslims. 80% of Muslim invaders do not work and do not intend to work. It has to be a two step problem. E-Verify and Reserves on the border.

    • Disagree. There are 19,500 border agents. Many of them former Marines, etc. Currently, they are preoccupied with cabbing family units from the border to the border station, and then on to the bus depot. If people stopped coming for jobs, then the majority of agents could be protecting against the cartels and terrorists.

  6. This is nonsense, Illegal immigration across our southern border is NOT higher than it was under Obama. You’re showing a graph that includes “Inadmissible’s”, aka they were NOT allowed in. Furthermore throwing out Obama’s last year and Trump’s first year is cherry picking. Your throwing out a year that saw a dramatic drop in apprehensions at the southern border. Attempts to cross illegally rose in Trump’s second year due to the obvious stall in progress on advancing immigration reform as a result of the “resistance”.
    FACT: Per the USCPB Illegal immigration fell by 23.7% in
    FY2017 compared to Fy 2016.

    FACT: Per the USCPB, and I quote: “Illegal migration along the Southwest border declined sharply from Jan. 21 through
    April, which was the month with the lowest border enforcement activity on record..” !!!

    FACT: Per the USCPB, and I quote: “This reflects the Administration’s commitment to enforce the rule of law as directed in the President’s executive order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements, issued Jan. 25.”

    FACT: Per the USCPB Apprehensions at the southern border in Obama’s final year, Feb 2016 – Jan 2017, were 450,758.
    Trump’s first year, Feb 2017 – Jan 2018, was 245,248.
    It was 184% higher in Obama’s final year than Trumps first year!!!

    • As noted earlier this year in Feb, during a round table between Trump and BP, apprehensions dropped for first few months. BP told Trump that interrogations provided insight into why… watch show on Monday.

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