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  1. Donald Trump: A once secular man that the good Lord is remodelling for his intents and purposes. Yes, if you look for weaknesses you will find them. If you seek his strengths….amazing. If you see who is mentoring The Trump, you will be blown away. America is being made GREAT AGAIN! Maybe look at ourselves more and pray for this man, who has been sent to pull the USA out of ruin and quagmire. Unless you Mr. or Miss Naysayer want the job, then shhhhhhhhh! 🙏

  2. Dennis.
    I trust everything you have said on this.
    But instead of them trying to destroy Trump after the people went to the lengths that they did to put him there. They should embrace him, and use him.
    Use him to to rebuild the broken government. Use him and his ideas to bring the faith in the government back to the people.
    If they destroy him the good he has done with the jobs will vanish. The company’s that decided to come back will leave.
    Taxes will skyrocket to more than they were before him. Unemployment will go to double digits. But the Soros and Koch’s and others will be dancing. As Americans are left homeless and starving.
    Sorry to be so bleak. But with them working with this man this country could climb to heights never seen. Destroy him and it could turn to total chaos. It wasn’t far from it the last 4 presidents.

  3. We didn’t vote for Trump because of the politics he knew. We voted for him because he is the only one that was saying what we were thinking and going to try to do something about it. He is the Boss and should surround himself with knowledgeable people in all needed areas. He is loved by millions by what he has already accomplished in this country.

  4. So what is your end game Dennis? This is what I see. You were in with Trump 100% because he was the man saying the things you wanted to hear and you bought MOST of it, but not all. You turned on him when your passion topic of immigration was not being addressed and Trump wanting DACA. I get it. I really do. BUT what is the end game? What alternative do we have right now? Pointing out Trump’s flaws are obvious and I don’t need to know someone close to him to see them. There is nobody without flaws.
    Trump is not the only person who changed either. You have changed directions so many times it would make someone’s head spin. Your new passion, which probably has been your true first passion, is film making. That is fine but really there has never been a film to make a significant change ……….especially in politics. The change is to make money, convince people you are a good guy, prove yourself to yourself and lastly to maybe give people in the hope of America. I have listened to you since before the election and have found inconsistencies and a pattern. I am just wondering what the next change will be.

  5. I agree with most of your points here. But Im truly lost now. The alternative was absolutely not an option.! What are you trying to convey now? We are screwed now too? We lose, end of story? We have no other options, but to give up and take it all in vain? What’s the point here? You know things we don’t. Good for you, having info we dont! That helps us how? I need a positive outcome, from somewhere, but where now? Hillary, not an option, but Trump wrong choice too? I give up! I have to tune out. Its causing too much anxiety. I need the DML W&T of the past to break it down. Where do we go from here? You’ve just planted us on another planet with no choices.what do you expect from us, with drops of insecurity? Im lost and just done. Thanks for your lack of help in providing direction like you used to do. Oh you have info we don’t. So were now stupid for lack of info. Sorry, i no longer care about your films, eye opening as they may be. You just confused thousands of followers, to what extent? We no longer matter? Only your films are important, after dragging us in, then leaving us hanging? . I hope they help many, in many eyes, really i do. You have such talent, but you left us hanging onto lost hope. So what’s the point? Like others ask, what’s your end game? Its changed so many times. I’ve lost faith in everybody! Its all about your films now. I get it. Ive been on your side about Trump making major mistakes and not perfect. Im not a Sean Hannity fanatic. I believe Trump asks for alot of his own retribution and his stupid tweets. But you’ve lost me tonight. Im more confused than ever! Are you saying i should no longer support Trump? Who the hell do i support now! Thanks for nothing.

  6. Hi viewers who just commented – Yvonne, Daryl Schafer, Patricia Phillips, Linda, and Diana Downs.
    I’m so glad to see I haven’t been the only one so disappointed and disheartened by DML. All for the very reasons you each gave. Your posts were like reading my own commentaries! Our take aways about DML are that alike. I have cut way back on DML’s news. Occasionally will listen in like I did today, and there it was, again. DML gone rogue on the president. Gone off to who knows where. I now listen very little to news people. When I do, it’s to those who will not turn against the president; nor be silenced or intimidated from having a conservative opinion or voice contrary to what we hear from the roaring MSM; including the NYT. Also, I want to make one more point as a side note…it’s about news moderates…the editorials and news comments that sometimes seem a voice of reason – the ones that are liberal but not radical; projecting a reasonableness; a fairness; an even minded approach and therefore, appearing unbiased. Well, that too, is fake news. It’s an illusion. It cloakes the truth because the times in which we live have radically shifted. We are in times calling only between choices about what’s right and what’s wrong. A moderate compromising liberal or conservative will lead to social failure right now. Just like the chaos we now see and a government gone wrong will lead to America’s downfall so will the moderates. Moderates work well only in a healthy society. We are not healthy anymore. DML needs to wake up. He sounds like a moderate.

  7. DML, I am an adult and can disagree with someone and still be civil and even like that person. It is hard to listen to you sometimes and I know you are all about truth, but when it is pretty much sounding basically like we have no where to go it is depressing. Trump or die is how I express it. Trump may not have actually expected to win this Presidency, but I think he learned a lot about the real people he was going to have to represent. There is so much wrong in our government I don’t know how it can be fixed in even 4 or 8 years or ever. I myself am sick of politicians who show a false face to the real people and then are a different person out of the lime light. I heard a person once say that “Politics is show business for ugly people”, I tend to agree. Did you know that most all of US Presidents have had multiple misstresses down through history? Yep, the men that run a country still have working parts and desires so as far as Trumps past escapades he is pretty normal from what I know about men. You of all people must know how it is in the limelight, surely women have offered you their bodies on a silver plater. I do believe that you are one of the few who declined. So now we have this op-ed from the White House. What is it trying to do? Only one thing, bring down the Presidency of Donald Trump. This is so obvious that it is a lefty doing what they do to stop America from being Great Again. No I don’t expect a miracle and our country will be perfect, no one and nothing is perfect, but I love freedom and that is the only thing that counts if we are to live a wonderful life.
    Time to stop being upset about what the President is not doing and be supportive about what his is
    doing. There are many times I have important things to accomplish and I make a list putting the most important one at the top, but I can’t always get them done in the order that I intended. I don’t know everything that is going on, but if I don’t have faith in the fact that Trump stopped or delayed the DemoRats, from taking all of our freedoms away immediately. There is no where else to go except Trump at this time, and that my friend is the TRUTH!

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