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  1. So where are the videos? I click on one it takes me back to the previous page I click on videos it takes me to this page back and forth never a video. One of the main stories was video was Sandra Huckabee Sanders and what she said but no video. I’ve Been Everywhere on this site and I cannot find one video with DML or with the leading stories on the first page. What is wrong what is going on? This is my second reply today because I cannot get any information from this site.

    • I am having the exact same problem. Unless I can catch him live, which is rare, I am unable to replay the videos. It is very frustrating!! Can anyone help? Or maybe it is his website that is malfunctioning.

  2. I think President Trump would have been wise to not mention Ms. Ford. There are so many loop holes in her testimony. Her fear of flying was to delay the hearing. I think she is a calculated liar. The demos and her have ruined a very nice man’s life for sure. I am so disgusted with the bookers and fiensteins in this world. Maxine is wanting them to be violent, Pelso (duh). I keep praying that the Republicans will keep control of congress. I am voting straight republican ticket for that reason. I do not even like the woman running for senate in my state BUT we don’t need demos in charge. This has been a most disgusting process. IF I can see what they were doing WHY CAN’T others.

    Yet Dennis the women wear blouses cut way past their cleveland and shorts and/or skirts up to the crotch. WHY so a man will notice and when he does that is a “no no”. I would never have gone out of my house dressed or undressed as many of these women dress. That actress that Fienstein invited to the hearing had such a plunging neckline that I am sure every man there was aware of it. Come on lets be serious. They want attention or they would dress more appropriately. I am sick of this stupidity.

    Oh Dennis, i love you – keep your chin up God is in control. God bless you. Hugs hugs hugs

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