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  1. More employees must do flex time and telecommuting. People could live in nicer, less expensive places in this country if they could work from home. If these corporations can employ an Indian worker, then they can hire American in Kansas or wherever to work for them. But these firms not only pay less, they pay less in benefits and Workers comp and all expenses.

  2. Obama caused the inflation and the numbers that our gov’t is releasing are not real. Groceries went up 30% and I just heard an American gov’t economist say it was 2%! Obama ordered the Feds to print lots of money which caused the inflation. Then we have 40 million illegals taking up housing,,,and also taking the affordable housing built for American citizens. We have so many seniors now ripped off by the Social Security system. who paid into SS a couple millions and get a check below the poverty line. The legislators steal our money and give it to lobbyist clients, and raise their own salaries, but refusing to raise the Soc Security money or the welfare limits,,,

  3. Homelessness is addicts and mentally ill, and homeless injured vets. Yes, there are others that can’t afford an apartment, but I took in boarders when I was a single mother years ago and had both my little ones in one bedroom with me. Today the local gov’ts mandate a bedroom for each sex or whatever, but don’t give that single parent family any extra money to pay their rent. Typical liberal attitude to control everybody with no understanding of what it takes to succeed. We have affordable housing but I read that a majority in some areas is being given to illegals and they don’t ask for proof of citizenship.

  4. We lived in the sixties and we didn’t buy things that we couldn’t pay for. My four kids didn’t have a lot of things because we couldn’t pay for it. We did start IRA’s when we were in our late twenties – couldn’t put much in but we did something for our future. We lived from pay check to pay check. People now get what they want even if they can’t afford it. They have to have smart phones even if they are on government help. I have a flip phone and don’t owe a penny to anyone. Sure there are things I would like but I know or hope there will be a tomorrow for me. You don’t have to have everything you want–tomorrow you might ask why did I buy that.

    • Perfectly said! you are 100% correct!! We have become a gluttonous country. We want want want! The poorest people in America have 99% more than all of Third World countries have. We have to stop living beyond our means.

  5. My question is the cost of living a area issue? I ask this because all of my Nephews and nieces all have 3 children do a 5 person family they live in Chicago, IL, Urika, IL and Minneapolis, MN. All live in a home 2 of them rent the other 5 own there homes they are in there upper 20’s and Early and late 30’s. There ages go from 39-28. Both husband and wife work but make a good income they all went to college except 1 but she go to EMT schooling now part time working full time. So my question is why is it that some area in America doing great and other isn’t?

  6. I see homeless all over Portland, Oregon. The people I’ve seen in that situation don’t look like they could hold a job if they wanted one. Disheveled, facial color that suggests severe alcohol or drug addiction, mountains of trash and “belongings”. These are not people that are thinking right, and they are everywhere.

    Meanwhile, there are over 6 million unfilled jobs in America.

    Every city has a skid row. We’ve always had some people who couldn’t hold a job and lived a bum life as a result. But up until fairly recently, the great majority of people took a job when they needed one. For instance, a friend of mine, when he found himself laid off, picked strawberries to keep food on the table until he found a job in his line of experience. This was before government began to brainwash citizens to believe there were jobs that Americans wouldn’t do.

    Now? I guess there’s a “program”, or government money, something, available to help people stay on the street when their lives are screwed up.

    Government needs to get out of controlling costs. Government took over the student loan business, and it became the biggest con in all time. I wonder if it was to get a generation, or two, so indebted that socialism started to look acceptable, even desirable. Government controls the interest rate and fiddles with the money supply. I should say the fake paper we call money. Quantative easing is the odd name they call it. That’s so most of you won’t bother to research what they’re talking about. It’s simple really, but if you or I went so far in debt and we couldn’t pay our obligations with what we had, we’d be called counterfeiters if we did what our government did.

    There is no way government can bring down the cost of living other that getting out of controlling things it has no business being involved in.

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