1. Thanks DML – this whole thing has just been disgusting to me. Booker is a “grand stander” and an idiot to boot. He (Kavanaugh) seems to be honest, intelligent and a “good buy”. Those demos are so out of order all the time. I saw where three doctors from Texas witnessed a person going up and down the line of those waiting to get tickets for the hearing and giving them money to disrupt things in the hearing. What has happened to this country? Evilness has seemed to take over any thing going on. I stopped watching it after a couple days cause just tired of the unruly idiots expressing their freedom of speech. What about Mr. Kavanaugh’s right to freedom of speech. He tried to answer all their stupid questions and yet they continued to bash him. Mr. Spartacus moment should be kicked out of the Senate in my humble opinion. He was grand standing cause they had already released that information to be made public. I am just sick of all of it.

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