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In a Facebook live video Sunday morning, DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch warned of the very real danger of Sen. Bernie Sanders winning the presidency, and what is behind the Bernie Sanders phenomenon.

DML said there’s one word behind Sanders’ skyrocketing momentum, and it’s not socialism – it’s immigration.

One reason behind Sanders’ landslide victory in Nevada is due to the huge Latino population in that state, DML said, noting that many pro-immigrant voters will be attracted to Sanders, as he is offering “everything for free.”

In a chilling warning, DML recalled that in 2016, Trump was heavily discounted as a serious candidate, and no one thought he had a chance of winning.  Now, he said, the same thing is happening again – with Bernie Sanders – and he is truly is a threat, not only to this election but to the future of the United States of America.

Lynch noted how important it is to make sure voters are fully educated, to get people out to vote this year, not only for President Trump, but for all Republicans across the country.

WATCH his powerful analysis in the short video below, including information on feedback from a source in the White House on what is needed from members in order to help President Trump in his re-election efforts.   (Scroll down for details on how to join the growing movement and help make a difference!)

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