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Below is my latest LIVE video.  Please watch and share on your social media accounts.

DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live Friday evening to discuss why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding out on sending the articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate for trial.

DML said there are four key reasons Pelosi is sitting on the impeachment articles.

  1. Pelosi wants this impeachment to linger on, DML said, adding that the whole thing is a total failure, but Democrats want people to focus on the impeachment instead of the booming economy.

2. The longer the impeachment is withheld from the Senate, the longer the media can continue to push the narrative that Trump has been impeached – not that he was acquitted.

3. The “Santa Claus rally” makes the markets look better in December, but after the holidays, the markets typically begin to slide, which will create a negative atmosphere.  DML said Democrats want people to zero in on negativity, and are holding the impeachment trial off until January to take advantage of the downslide.

4. The State of New York is going after President Trump, trying to snag him on a felony. DML explained the Democrats are waiting to see what the attorney in New York comes up with, to create their “perfect storm.”

WATCH his full remarks in the video below:

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