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Below is my latest LIVE video.  Please watch and share on your social media accounts.

Sunday evening, DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch blasted Fox News show host Tucker Carlson, after Carlson broke away from his usual support of President Trump and harshly criticized the president for the airstrike last week which took out Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Declaring that the airstrike would lead to a war with Iran, Carlson said Trump ran in 2016 on a promise of getting away from endless wars abroad. Carlson’s slam against Trump over the airstrike has been highly praised by liberal CNN hosts… and DML said that’s one sure sign Carlson is dead wrong.

Taking Carlson’s talking points one by one, DML explained in passionate detail why Carlson got this one wrong… very wrong!   WATCH his powerful Facebook Live video below:

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