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When there is a call for snow in DC, everything stops.  This was the case yesterday when I was in the nation’s capital.

No joke, there was supposed to be a snow storm Wednesday.  Therefore, all government buildings were closed.  It was a total ghost town.

Sure, a few flakes fell, but it was nothing more than a slushy rain.  The entire DC government stayed home because of 1/4 inch of slush.

More importantly, I have been donating my time to work with one of the fathers who lost his child in the Parkland school shooting.  Together, Andy Pollack and I are paving the way for parents to have more control over how schools protect our children.

Yesterday, despite the snow, we met with the Sec. of Homeland Security, the Sec. of Health and Human Services, and the Sec. of the Dept. of Education.  Three cabinet members made it a point to meet with us despite the buildings being closed. It speaks volumes about how serious this administration is when it comes to keeping our schools safe.

Each meeting was productive and powerful, and it left Andy and me feeling empowered to make a difference with the new not-for-profit we are launching, called C.L.A.S.S.  Short for Advocates for CHILDREN’S LIVE And SCHOOL SAFETY.

We plan to be the watchdogs for school safety.  In short, we represent the parents of America.  And we want the focus to be on low-cost, fast-to-implement measures that can keep killers out of the school yards and classrooms.

There are so many wonderful things about what we are doing, and how parents from around the country can get involved.  We will provide more details in the weeks to come.

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