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Today is September 28 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1-Trump’s ex-campaign manager Brad Parscale detained after threatening to harm himself: report
President Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale was taken to a Florida hospital on Sunday by police after a brief but tense stand-off in which he barricaded himself in his home with firearms and threatened to harm himself.

Ft. Lauderdale police said they were dispatched to Parscale’s house after his wife, Candice, called them saying she was worried her husband was suicidal and had firearms in the home, according police.

Parscale did not threaten police and willingly went with law enforcement under Florida’s Baker Act – a law that allows police to detain a person who they believe is a threat to themselves or others. Parscale was taken to a local hospital.

Parscale’s wife had called police to their home after her husband showed signs of emotional distress, according to Trantalis. She claimed he had weapons in the house that he had threatened to use.

DML: Parscale was replaced more than a month ago after President Trump didn’t like how poll were reflecting his chances of winning.  Parscale was also accused of being aloof and full of himself by staffers, often taking calls while at his pool.   Either way, obviously the guy is having a rough time.  Instead of supporting him or saying nothing, look what a liberal hack wrote on Twitter:

Meanwhile, conservative Trump supporter and A-list actor James Woods, put out a far nicer tweet.

2-Trump responds to hit piece in The NY Times over his alleged failure to pay taxes.
The NY Times wrote the following on Twitter:  “The Times has obtained tax-return data for President Trump extending over more than two decades. It shows his finances under stress, beset by losses that he aggressively employs to avoid paying taxes and hundreds of millions in debt coming due.

In a second tweet, The Times writes: President Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, and nothing in 10 of the prior 15 years — largely because he reported losing much more money than he made.

Read the takeaways from our exclusive look at decades of Trump’s tax records.

Trump responded with two words: “Fake News”

The story is the number one trending item on Twitter, with the hashtag “Fake News”

DML: As of 8am, as I write this post, Fox News has removed any mention of the article from The NY Times on its website. Clearly, the strategy from the Trump team is to not respond in full to the accusations from The Times. Having read the article myself from top to bottom, which took 45-minutes it was so long, it’s a whole lot of nothing. In the end it comes out to one thing…. Trump has great tax attorneys and CPAs working on his taxes, taking advantage of every nuance available to pay as little taxes as possible without breaking the law.

2-Project Veritas Exposes Ilhan Omar Allies in Alleged Ballot Harvesting Operation in Minnesota
Project Veritas has released the results of an investigation into alleged ballot harvesting by supporters of Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar in Minnesota, a key swing state in the 2020 presidential election.

Video footage captured by Project Veritas shows an operative, Liban Mohamed, bragging about collecting hundreds of ballots.

The video also includes testimony from a whistleblower, Omar Jamal, who called Rep. Omar’s alleged ballot harvesting an “open secret” and also discussed an alleged cash-for-votes scheme organized by staffers of Rep. Omar.

“She [Ilhan Omar] will do anything that she can do to get elected and she [Ilhan Omar] has hundreds of people on the streets doing that,” said Jamal.

The video:

DML: Her supporters are just as dirty as she is. I would love to see the US attorney’s office do a full investigation on everything she’s done. They will find mounds of wrongdoing, and therefore be able to rescind her citizenship and send her back to Somalia.

3-Chicago violence: Girl, 5, stabbed to death in another bloody weekend
A 5-year-old girl was stabbed to death Saturday morning in Chicago during another bloody weekend in the city that also resulted in at least 49 people being shot, including seven fatally, reports say.

The girl, identified as Serenity Arrington, suffered multiple stab wounds and died shortly after being rushed to a local hospital, according to CBS Chicago. Neighbors in East Garfield Park tried to assist the girl, while her mother, 27-year-old Simone Austin, was charged in her death with first-degree murder, the report added. The motive for the attack was not immediately clear.

Police also have launched a homicide investigation after the body of a woman with multiple stab wounds to her face and neck was retrieved Sunday morning from the Chicago River, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. That woman appeared to be in her mid 20s.

DML: “The motive for the attack was not immediately clear,”  they say.  Allow me to take bets.  (1) Mother was on crack.  (2) Mother was late for a date with a guy she probably met the night before.  (3) Mother had better plans like rioting against White people and police.  In the end, be it 1, 2, or 3, one thing is for sure… Black Lives Don’t Matter To Other Blacks in Chicago.

4-Armed Louisville man threated to shoot police in Facebook live video: Justice Dept.
A previously convicted Kentucky man faces federal charges after he allegedly posted a video to Facebook Live holding a gun and saying he would shoot Lousiville police officers if someone paid him $30,000, officials recently announced.

Cortez Lamont Edwards, 29, on Wednesday posted the video, in which he showed the Louisville Metro Police Department responding to an unspecified crime scene in front of his home.

Edwards, who was livestreaming the video, was seen with an “AR variant pistol including a non-extendible support brace with an extended magazine” during the clip, in which he also said “he is requesting being paid $30,000.00 to shoot Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers on scene,” according to a Sunday press release by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Kentucky.

DML: I could write something negative like, “another POS who commits crime and cries social injustice.” Or I could say something like, “This is the sort of black criminal the NFL celebrates by taking a knee.”  But I will take the Michelle Obama suggestion of going high when they go low.  How’s this for positive, “One less Joe Biden voter is on the streets today.”

5-Maryland man sentenced to year in jail after hosting multiple parties in defiance of coronavirus rules
A Maryland man who defied the state’s coronavirus emergency order and hosted dozens of guests at house parties in March has been sentenced to a year in jail, authorities said.

Shawn Marshall Myers, 42, on Friday was convicted on two counts of failure to comply with an emergency order, the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office said.

Myers was caught throwing multiple parties in March after Gov. Larry Hogan issued orders against gatherings of more than 10 people to help fight the spread of COVID-19.

DML: Just as a reminder, Hogan is a registered Republican but he’s anti-Trump. Meanwhile, to think this man is going to spend one year in jail over ignoring COVID-19 mandates while punks in Baltimore gather to riot, loot, and cause chaos without any punishment is sickening.

MY PARTING WORDS: I celebrate the Trump presidency and push for his reelection for many reasons. One, I love the idea of a SCOTUS being loaded with conservatives, two, I think this president has done a fairly good job considering all the push back he gets from his own party (see Hogan), the courts, Democrats and the media. Imagine what could be if they’d get off Trump’s case.  Why not support the man!  And then of course I have my own personal reasons why I want to see Trump win.  I would not be in the CBD business if it were not for Trump signing the Farm Bill into law.  The Farm Bill allows for CBD products like mine to be sold.  For the latter part of this month, I have been offering a buy one get one free offer at  You folks have wiped us dry of our DML CBD GUMMY CHEWS, and the other products we have are almost gone as well.  This offer ends on 9/30 and I have NO PLANS to offer it again for a very long time.  So please, if you think DML CBD is great, get in there today and take advantage of this offer.  If you have not tried it yet, and would like a chance to improve sleep, diminish pain, curb anxiety, and boost the immune system, then take note to the amount of money you will save by purchasing TODAY.  Go to now.  Here are some testimonials.

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  1. DML,
    Are you still a one man show? It seems like Hire a researcher my friend. Anyone average taxpayer is going to use whatever loophole they can to pay as little taxes as possible mostly because taxes, for a large part, are unconstitutional. You even know that the IRS is on to every trick in the book. When they audit, they find whatever it is they are looking for during that audit. If you don’t have time to do the proper accounting forensics and research analysis on why it s Trump may appear to have only paid 760.00 in taxes, and are unable to explain why the IRS hasn’t fined him, put him jail for tax fraud, than quit the journalism business. You are as useless as the other media networks.This is why you are not considered a Class A journalist.

  2. DML,
    Are you still a one man show? It seems like it. Hire a researcher my friend. Any taxpayer is going to use whatever loopholes they can to pay as little taxes as possible. What is wrong with that. I do it, you do it and that’s mostly because taxes, for a large part, are unconstitutional. The IRS knows every trick when they audit, and they will find whatever it is they are looking for. Trump is not excluded. In fact anyone who makes more than a million annually and has businesses operating outside of America is audited ANNUALLY if not quarterly If you don’t want to invest your time investigating on why it is Trump may appear to have only paid 760.00 in taxes in 2016/17, or why the IRS hasn’t fined him or indicted him for tax fraud, than quit the journalism business. You are as useless as the other media networks. This is why you are not considered a Class A journalist.

    f as President Obama insists, millionaires aren’t paying their fair share of taxes, they are more than getting their fair share of audits, according to the IRS.

    With the extended tax filing deadline only months away, the IRS said Thursday that taxpayers earning $200,000 or less a year have a smaller chance of an audit while those earning more than $1 million have a much greater chance according to data by the IRS released Thursday.

    Only 1 percent of those earning under $200,000 have been audited in recent years. In contrast, 12 percent of millionaires were audited last year, up from 8 percent in 2010 and 6 percent in 2009.

    Of those earning $200,000 and up, 4 percent were audited in 2011, up from around 3 percent in the last five years.

    Steven Miller, deputy IRS commissioner for services and enforcement, told the Associated Press that the higher audit rates for the highest earners are designed to “assure that those at the lower end of the spectrum know that those at the higher end of the spectrum are subject to the same rules and enforcement as everyone else.”

    That may be somewhat of a relief to taxpayers already worried about the economy and their personal finances. Last year, April 18 – the income tax deadline in 2011 – was the second most-stressful day for Americans that year, according to Gallup poll results released this week. The most stressful day in 2011 was April 27, when one of the largest tornado outbreaks ever recorded ripped through the Southeast and caused a death toll of over 300 people.

    The IRS audited nearly 1.6 million of 141 million individual returns in 2011, just over 1 percent of all filers. The rate has gradually increased. In 2001, 0.6 percent were audited, the AP reported. Audits can be hassles that can take time and money.

    But only about a quarter of audits involve face-to-face meetings with IRS officials. Most communication for audits is through letters. More than 8 in 10 individuals audited ended up paying additional taxes in 2010, the most recent year with available data.

    Large corporations were audited more than smaller ones, the IRS’ data showed. In 2011, 1 percent of corporations with assets under $10 million were audited. Of corporations with assets of $250 million and higher, 28 percent were audited.

  4. jessie diconti, DML is not claiming IRS is correct about Trump tac returns. He is simply reporting what the New York Times printed. On that note, I saw the published pages of what appeared to be a tax return for President Trump. If you take a close look, the names on the return include his wife, Marla. I question who is Marla? That is definitely not the name of his current wife.


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