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Today is January 5 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Trump Vows Revenge Against Brian Kemp, Raffensperger In Georgia Rally
Daily Caller reports: President Donald Trump vowed to come back to Georgia to campaign against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger at his Monday night rally in the state.

Trump argues both officials should have assisted his attempts to overturn the state’s election results. Kemp has refused to allow the Republican state legislature to hold a special session to appoint pro-Trump electors to the Electoral College. Raffensperger also appears to have leaked a phone conversation in which Trump told him to “find” the votes necessary to let him win.

“I’ll be here in about a year and a half campaigning against your governor,” Trump said. “I guarantee it.”

DML: I’ll be talking about this on my podcast this morning – don’t miss it!

2 – Obama warns of threats to ‘fundamental principles of our democracy’ after Trump Georgia call
The Hill reports: Former President Obama on Monday warned of threats to the “fundamental principles of our democracy,” a day after leaked audio of President Trump pressuring Georgia’s top election official to find 11,000 votes to overturn the election in his favor.

“Tomorrow is Election Day in Georgia and the stakes could not be higher. We’re seeing how far some will go to retain power and threaten the fundamental principles of our democracy,” Obama, who has been campaigning in recent weeks to help bolster the two Democratic candidates in Tuesday’s Senate runoff elections, wrote in the first of a series of tweets.

“But our democracy isn’t about any individual, even a president—it’s about you,” he wrote before urging Georgia residents to utilize their “most powerful tool” as Americans and vote on Tuesday.

DML: Obama, this certainly isn’t about YOU!

3 – Elite Hollywood Celebs Make Final Push to Influence Georgia Senate Run Off Elections
Breitbart reports: Georgia is ground zero in the battle for the balance of power in Washington, D.C., as control of the U.S. Senate now hinges on the outcome of the two Senate runoff races in the Peach State. With the Senate majority leadership within his reach, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently declared, “Now we take Georgia, and then we change America.”

As the campaigning enters the home stretch, left-wing Hollywood celebrities are making a last ditch appeal to Georgians, urging them to vote Democrat in order to flip the Senate blue. Some stars are even offering free car rides to the polls, with Scandal actress Kerry Washington volunteering to drive people and actor Mark Ruffalo promoting free Lyft rides.

Since November, Hollywood stars have helped Georgia Democrats by fundraising and boosting social media enthusiasm for Senate challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. They are also making emotional appeals, with comedian Patton Oswalt warning that the “future of our country hangs on the outcome of the Senate races” in Georgia.

DML: Hollywood trying to take over politics.

4 – President Trump says at Georgia rally, he hopes Pence ‘comes through for us’
The Hill reports: President Trump on Monday said he hoped Vice President Pence “comes through for us” as he discussed efforts to overturn the presidential election results, hinting at Pence’s role overseeing the certification of the Electoral College vote count on Wednesday.

“I hope that Mike Pence comes through for us, I have to tell you. I hope that our great vice president, our great vice president comes through for us. He’s a great guy,” Trump told a crowd of supporters at a rally in Dalton, Ga.

“Of course, if he doesn’t come through, I won’t like him quite as much,” Trump continued. “Nah, Mike is a great guy. He’s a wonderful man and a smart man and a man that I like a lot.”

The Epoch Times reportedly on Monday: Republican state senators in Georgia started a push on Monday to delay the Jan. 6 counting of electoral votes. At least a dozen have signed a letter directed to Vice President Mike Pence asking him to officially delay the count—and the number is still growing. 

“There’s about 16 or 18 of us now that signed this letter to the Vice President … asking him to delay the electoral vote for 10 to 12 days,” Sen. Brandon Beach said.

Earlier on Monday, at a separate rally in Georgia, Pence had stated, “I share the concerns of millions of Americans about voting irregularities & I promise you come this Wednesday we’ll have our day in Congress. We’ll hear the objections. We’ll hear the evidence.”

DML: I’ll be discussing this on my podcast this morning.

5 – Fox News’ Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade Shoot Down Trump’s Mass Voter Fraud Allegations, Say There’s ‘No Proof Of It’
The Daily Caller reported: Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy shot down President Donald Trump’s claims of mass voter fraud Monday after a phone call between the president and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger leaked.

Kilmeade said, “I just think it’s up to the president’s legal team to produce what they’re telling them they have. But so far there is just no proof of it, and just because you voted for the president doesn’t mean that this actual evidence exists.”

“Interestingly enough, that information is never entered into a court because you cannot present information to a court if you do not have the evidence,” Doocy said. “And so far we haven’t seen the evidence. Maybe today at noon they’re going to bring out the evidence but we haven’t seen the evidence.”

DML: I TOLD YOU Fox was turning on Trump!

6 – Hundreds of Cuban Migrants Chanting ‘Biden! Biden!’ Stopped from Rushing Across Texas Border Crossing
Breitbart reports: Reports indicate that hundreds of Cuban migrants attempted to force their way across the U.S.-Mexico border into El Paso, Texas. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers deployed Special Response Team members to repel the surge.

CBP Office of Field Operations officers assigned to the Paso Del Norte International Bridge last Tuesday received information about a large gathering of migrants forming in Mexico. CBP officials activated the Special Response Team and deployed barricades to prevent any illegal border crossings, according to information provided to Breitbart Texas on January 4.

The Cuban migrants rushed through turnstiles on the Mexican side of the border but were stopped before crossing the international border into the United States.

The incident lasted for about 10 hours, said in another article. During that time, law enforcement authorities broadcast messages in English and Spanish advising the mostly Cuban crowd U.S. policies have not changed and they would not be allowed into the U.S. Weather conditions at the time were reported to be at freezing prompting Mexican authorities to try to talk the migrants into returning to their shelters.

The Center for Immigration Studies reported that the group was estimated to be about 400, and many demanded they be let in to live in the United States while they pursue asylum claims, instead of waiting in Mexico as required under various policies of President Donald Trump.

“The migrants on that bridge showed up with high expectations that the coming Biden administration somehow had already managed to swing open the gates as promised, never mind that Trump still has a few weeks to go.,” CIS wrote.

DML: Here they come, ready or not.

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  1. Like I have been saying withhold ways via constitution or the strong way Military Trump will be president and the deep state will be prosecuted for treason. All of them

  2. Fox News, let’s see the evidence that is not true of this claim! Oh, I forgot, Brad R won’t compare data w/voter fraud data! Hmmmm!

  3. Celebutards out in full display. Always revealing their imbecility and basic uselessness. Go back to reading scripts and jumping around in front of a camera like a moron. The adults will take it from here.

  4. Hmmm 🤔
    FOX NEWS YOU SUX, And WE All Were Warned, all of The Illegals at the Border(s) INFESTATION!
    Like The DEMONICRats in The HOUSE..
    Perhaps Maybe Even A “MECHANIC” (Old Flick:Bronson)Could Fix THESE ISSUES??
    CHY-NA, Gets IN..
    GOD Save Our Souls..

  5. obama you SCUMBAG XXXXX President. We saw just how far your SCUMBAG DEMOCRATS went to commit the biggest fraudulent election in the history of our nation now, didn’t we? And you thought President Trump was going to concede and just let it go, rigjht? WRONG. You thought 74 million were going to let it. go. WRONG. Step in front of a bus you cocky little d..k. Take the ape, hillary, gates, soros and the rest of your democrat minions. soleimani is waiting for soros to share his large cell. I have no respect nor will I ever have any respect for what you did to America.. There would be a lot less pollution in America without your crew polluting the air. As I see it, we wouldn’t need a trillion dollar green new deal to keep the air free of pollutants like you. Take your schuckin’, jivin’, and rappin’ somewhere else BRO. Take your community organizer skills to china where you might be their useful idiot until they don’t need you any longer. Then they will sweep you to the street with the dead fish. They want to be sure they can continue to screw America and the rest of the world again with their commie BS lies and biological hazards so they can become a number one world power; and by God with you and your minions, you are helping them do that.


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