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Written by Dennis Michael Lynch
The DML News App hit a milestone on Saturday morning. The free app that I designed last year has now been downloaded more than 100,000 times.  As of 11am EDT Saturday, the number is 100,073.

We hit this milestone without spending a single dollar in advertising.  But let it be known that we have tried to advertise.

We tried advertising the DML News App on Facebook, but they won’t allow me to advertise unless I give them my Social Security number.  They just got hacked — 50 million accounts stolen.  Why would I give them my SS#? Why do they need my number?  In my opinion, and as they’ve pointed out in their messaging to me, they don’t want DML News influencing national news and politics.

The Kavanaugh circus left people not knowing who or what to believe and that’s why we see great growth — people know they can trust the DML brand.  This is why the DML News App is successful despite Facebook’s efforts to slam down on small news outlets like ours.

We provide an alternative to the mainstream messaging that is always biased.  Yes, I am a conservative, but when I report the news — when my team reports the news via and the DML News App — we strip away the bias.  We offer just the facts.  We have proven this time and again.   Our motto is that it’s not about Right v. Left, but rather Right v. Wrong.

In the same manner that my team and I explained how Trump could and would win the Electoral College months before the election, and in the same way I explained how and why presidential candidate Jill Stein would not interrupt the official vote of Republican delegates, and in the same fact supporting way that I was in front of the Russia narrative spewed by the mainstream media, the DML News team and I reported every inch of the Kavanaugh hearings and kept people in the know at all times. I said Kavanaugh would be voted in regardless of the corrupt media’s push to see him crumble.  This is why people are turning to the DML News App.

There are plenty of times when the DML News team will post stories which go against my own ideology, but it is not for me or us to decide what people should know, and what they should not know.  We pride ourselves in keeping the news balanced, fair, reasonable and reliable.

Last year, I took a big risk. I decided to walk away from biased reporting that fed one-sided material and opinion.  I got ripped for doing such a thing by many people. But in my heart I knew that the best way to inform the American public was to offer a newsfeed with news and reports aggregated from all media outlets regardless of their political leanings.  People may not like all the news we feed, but at least they are given the choice to decide.  With the DML News App, we don’t tell people what they should think, we give them the information that exists.  What they do with it from there is up to them.

People can download the  DML News App at the APPLE IOS Store and the Google Play Store.  I hope our loyal readers will take this post and publish it on their Facebook page considering we are not allowed to advertise on Facebook without giving away sensitive, personal information that has NOTHING to do with advertising.  See screenshot below.

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  1. I would never give them my SS number either!! Why don’t they ask for your tax number or something else to legitimize your sales?

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