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Below is my latest Op-Ed. Please read and share on your social media accounts.

Written by DML

I received an email from a conservative voter from California days ago, and here is what the subject reads: GOOGLE MEDDLING IN ELECTIONS TOO?

The email: ”I have been subscribed to various campaign newsletters. 99% ask for donations. I signed up for some Democratic newsletters just to verify and it’s official. 100% of GOP candidates end up in my Gmail spam and the Dem candidates are going right to my inbox.

I just signed up on the campaign sites for a bunch of candidates, some from 2016. Every candidate will have a field on the main page for your email to get updates.

Literally every single one is in my spam for GOP. Gmail does supposedly shape their filters on a personalized basis. Maybe it’s just me.” —Ryan

(end of email)

The email from Ryan was troubling. So, I took it upon myself to try the same thing.  I signed up for email alerts from 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans currently running for office.   I used a fresh gmail email not connected to my normally used gmail account.

To date, all of the GOP newsletters have gone to spam. Only one of the Democrat emails went to spam. The other two arrived in my inbox.

I will continue to try more. I suggest you try it to.

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  1. Can you spell REGULATIONS? These guys are just asking for it, luckily the majority of good US citizens realize just what they are up to and see right through the prejudice and discrimination against the right. This is a very worrying trend. I hope someone takes control and stops this nonsense.

  2. And this is another reason why I don’t use the email giants. I use a local provider with a spam filter that sends me daily updates so I know what goes to spam.

  3. I have been signed up for Republican, Libertarian, and Democratic emails. I did this two years ago. I wanted to see if there was censorship. There is. The only ones that don’t go into spam are the Democratic ones. Yahoo is doing it also.

  4. The media is up in arms over the Trump campaign supposedly colluding with the Russians to effect the outcome of the 2016 elections, they overlook the fact that they are colluding with each other to affect the outcome of the 2018 midterms. If we didn’t have double standards, we wouldn’t have standards at all. I would like to think that people are a little wiser during this election cycle and calls the media out and turn out in droves to prove them wrong.


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