Written by DML
There used to be a time when DML News readers would submit news from around the country, most of it local news with a national appeal.  For example, a guy from the midwest sent in an article about a confederate statue being removed from his local school.  Another example would be a lady who sent in a local article about MS-13 members causing havoc at a local park.  Over the past few months, the sort of submissions we receive has changed.  They now focus more about the media.

It started with stories about the left-leaning outlets like CNN and ABC News.  Typically, the submission would include a message like, “DML… Can you believe this crap!”  The submission also included a link to an article of some kind that was anti-Trump.   But over the past few weeks the submissions have changed, yet again.

Now I’m receiving submissions about Fox News.

The message is the same — “DML… Can you believe this crap!” — but now the link goes to clip or article found from Fox News.com

Point in case: Today, I received four submissions from four different people, all pointing to the same video.  Each person expressed how clueless Fox News has become when discussing immigration.

The Fox News video below highlights a panel of Wall Street Journal panelists saying Trump is too radical in his immigration proposals.  The segment aired this afternoon on Fox.

I find this clip mind-blowing when considering Trump has been pushing for amnesty after promising never to do such a thing.  Having watched this clip 4 times, I am here to declare there remains a serious disconnect among most “experts” when it comes to understanding what the American people want — especially those people who voted for Trump.

In the clip, the WSJ expert says that Trump has gotten “greedy” in his stance on immigration.  And that his desire to cut legal immigration is a radical departure from the GOP’s core position on immigration.  This is so far from the truth.  If it were true, Trump would never made it past the first debate, let alone be elected president.

It appears to me that Fox News has gone out of its way to push for amnesty, and it champions for more immigration.  In doing so, they go out of their way to silence the very best guests like Michael Cutler and Ann Coulter who typically push a strong narrative that supports limited immigration, mass deportations, and absolutely no amnesty of any kind.

I am shocked how the Fox News network continues to thrive.  It must be because there is no alternative on cable.