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Below is my latest Op-Ed. 

Written by DML

Americans who voted for Trump want a wall to be built along the southern border.  I have great ideas that can pay for the wall, but before I explain them in full, allow me to say that as someone who has spent ten years covering immigration, and making 4 films about the topic, I know that a wall is nice to have, but it alone will not solve the issue of illegal immigration.

For example, a wall will not stop visa violators from being in the country illegally.  Visa overstays make up roughly half of the illegal population in the US.

For a person like me, a big wall is like the tasty side salad that comes with the greatest steak and potato on the menu.  It’s nice to have, but it’s not why I order the steak.

A wall along the southern border will not stop the terrorist who uses the waterways to get in through California, NY and Florida.  A wall will not stop the cartels who are now using drones, in addition to tunnels, ports-of-entry, shipping containers and speed boats to smuggle drugs into the US.

What a wall will do is slow down the illegal traffic, and it will send a clear message to migrants that the days of working in the US illegally are over.  There are less expensive ways to send this message, of course.  For example, implementing mandatory e-verify would send a huge message to both the migrants and employers who cheat the system, and it would cost a fraction of what it costs to build a wall.

This all said, I understand the passion people have for getting the wall built.  They voted for Trump in part because they wanted not only the wall, but they chanted for Mexico to pay for it.

In reality, the only way to get the wall built is if Mexico pays for it.  I say this because Congress will not allocate the funds to build the wall unless the Republicans take over many of the congressional seats currently held by Democrats, which I don’t see happening during Trump’s presidency.  So what to do?

If Trump wants to keep to the biggest promise he made to his base, then I have two ideas the president should strongly consider.

The first idea was shared with me by a guy in the oil business.

Mexico sends millions of barrels of oil into the US each week.  This equates to millions of dollars paid each day to Mexico.

The Mexicans use pipelines to ship the oil, and so there is no delivery cost.  This is a huge deal, for if they were to sell the same oil to India, China, etc, they’d incur shipping costs because in the oil business the seller pays for shipping.

In short, Mexico is selling us oil and not incurring any costs to deliver it.

President Trump should place a $1 delivery charge on each barrel transported via pipeline into the US.  This would eventually pay for the wall.

To those people who fear Mexico will frown upon this “fee” and thus, sell their oil to China or India, keep in mind that if Mexico was to do such a thing, they would incur $3 to $4 per barrel in shipping costs to those countries.  Therefore, the $1 fee we charge is still a winning proposition for Mexico.

The other proposal I offer, which is far more difficult to implement but equally lucrative, is to charge a transaction fee on all money wired from the US to Mexico unless the sender is a US company, an American citizen, or a legal resident.

In short, we need to charge illegal aliens for sending cash back home.

Migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean are sending more money to their families back home than ever before. These annual “remittances” — as they’re called by analysts — topped $69 billion in 2016, according to central bank data compiled in a report by the Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington, D.C.-based think-tank.  Roughly 40% of that money is going to Mexico.  Therefore, if the US was to charge just a few pennies for every $1 sent, the funding for the wall would add up quickly.

If you like these ideas, I ask you to share them.

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  1. Great ideas DML. I support them 110%! Now let’s hope and pray that President Trump is shown these 2 proposals and acts on them.

  2. What about an entry fee for every Mexican owned truck carrying freight into the United States?

  3. DML where does the money go that they get from theses drug raids? Why if they are not used to help like homeless, vets even the border wall. Could also be used to hire and pay them a good wage to border patrol. Thank you for all you do

  4. I have stated for a long time, TAX the money going out of our country!

    What about a lottery type ticket to BUY A BRICK, BUILD THE WALL where you own a piece of it? Why can’t the money paid to get LEGAL status go to fund and maintain the wall? Where does that money go?

    I have a dream there are NO homeless or hungry Americans with Dreams.

  5. Great ideas!! Makes so much sense. Implement them both!! Why has this not been addressed before….ugh

  6. Fantastic ideas DML, can you get these ideas to POTUS? I think your ideas would really work very well ~ I still think we need the e-verify which I also supported in your poll etc a while back.
    Thank you & your family & your staff for all your hard work you do each & every day. God bless you all 🙏🇺🇸🙏

  7. I’ve been texting the idea of taxing wire transfers by anyone who cannot prove that they are American citizens to Trump whenever he sends me a text asking for my opinions on things. The difference from my idea is I think we should charge 25% on those transfers which would make illegals think twice before coming here to work at all. This sort of tax would pay for most if not all that illegals cost our country.

  8. Great ideas DML! They would work. With taxing money sent out – they have other legal relatives, friends or coworkers that would sympathise with thwm and send the money. As long as people intended picked it up – no worries. I understand that putting everify in books as law Where it can’t be changed but no amnesty or path to citizenship should be allowed either. Maybe we should all share your email with and hope it gwts the message across

  9. I’ve been talking about taxing remittances for years. For one thing, no matter what the drive-by-media claims, 99% of illegal aliens earn their wages in the form of cash, with no taxes paid. They all need to be deported, but, until that happens, taxing remittances would be simple. Almost, without exception, the money is sent to Mexico through Western Union. Tax it!

  10. I’ve been saying this for years. I worked on a ranch in the early 80s, all the other hands were illegals. If they got caught by the BP, they would just get a vacation home and be back in 2 weeks. The boss would pay the $200 coyote fee too. They all sent money home. One guy’s family had a cattle ranch in Mexico with over 500 head. He made so much comparatively that he would send money home so that his family could expand their ranch and buy top notch equipment. It made it so much easier for them when CA made it illegal for authorities to ask to see their papers. Most guys had families back in their home country. They were hard workers but by no means virtuous or ethical. Drugs, prostitutes, thievery, and entitlement attitudes were prevailent.

  11. The deal with the oil I don’t care for. Mexico will only raise the price to cover for this charge. This will affect us- the consumer.
    I do like the one with a fee for the money sent to their families.

  12. Impose a set of entrance/exit fees on people, vehicles,and products crossing the southern U.S. border. Proceeds could be split in a manner to provide for wall construction, border security and administration. A small portion should be used by Mexico for its border security since they do wish to import American firearms as in “Fast and Furious” and other possible items. Both Americans and Mexicans could suffer somewhat but the fees would be a valid business/trade expense. Would executive power be enough to legalize this plan or would Congressional legislation be required?

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